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  1. where do i find the quote number on PC specialist ?


    to note i dont want any Anti-virus put on it for me as i will be using one called Avast and having two anti-virus software on it would cause incorrect registering of infections

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    2. Dukey


      Lets see what i can get you first, i can guarantee you £50 at least, but to get a larger discount i need to forward it onto one of the management team.

      there's a little bit of running around i have to do to get him to sign it off, but normally he's alright.


      if you wanna get me a beer at Epic i sure would appreciate that. just ask about for Dukey in the Portland room. 

    3. Kameo


      I just need to ask the 404 guys right

    4. Dukey


      Hi Kameo,

      Spoke to the M manager this morning, we managed to apply a £50 discount to your laptop, the laptop market is super competitive right now, so we couldn't discount your spec any further otherwise we'd be making a loss on it. 

      It's now £1134, I hope this is okay. If your happy, just log in at PCS your discount should be applied already, and make your purchase. If you want it fast tracking drop me a message once you've ordered.

      See you at epic