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  1. Profile Photos

    Does anybody know why i'm unable to upload a profile photo or a cover photo to my profile? The photos im trying to upload are inside the file size limit. I keep getting : There was a problem processing the uploaded file, please contact us for assistance. Thanks Fury
  2. Seating Plan

    To be honest I've been busy with work and everything else that I didn't bother/think to check whether or not I'd been moved seats. I have been to a couple of epic lans before and both times no issues with being moved seats. I appreciate that you guys do everything you can to please everyone with regards to seating, I wouldn't of cared much to move seats in the same room but we've been moved to fair isle which none of us are happy about to be honest. We come to this Lan and pick either Portland or lakeside to be in a chilled, relaxed environment and that just ain't Gunna happen in fair isle. Appreciate you've done the best you can with what you have and we enjoy coming to your events, but not happy about having to spend the weekend in fair isle. Thanks
  3. Seating Plan

    I do not want to sit in fair isle full stop. I paid decent money to pick the seat and room I wanted and now I'm moved. What is the point in having a seat picker if you are just going to move people around for the sake of others that come late???
  4. Seating Plan

    Wrong account, meant to post that thread on this account. Thanks Love you
  5. How do i change my god awful nickname?

    Could you change it to Fury please. Many thanks
  6. i've been to a few epic lans in the past a while back now, and have since created a new account since i couldn't find a way to change my nickname. I somehow still managed to log in on my old account with the horrific nickname and book an Epic23 ticket. Does anybody know of anyway to change my nickname?? thanks.