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  1. epic20 - Potbelly Ales

    Beijing Black was great the other event, but I'm really looking forward to the Pigwash
  2. Alarm clocks in sleeping areas

    Yeh earplugs cut out noise, but is it really much to ask for someone to not leave there fucking alarm going off for an hour solid?
  3. epic19 - Guest Ales

    Wooooo Dark Beer SOAB sounds good too.
  4. It's time to say farewell.

    Not sure what's triggered this decision, but I respect it either way. Take care of yourself Elsie, it's been a pleasure attending LANs with you Many fun times!
  5. KCC Food Ideas

  6. The infamous Black Friday....

    GTX970 installed. Cleaned all the dust off of the fan filters, grills and fans themselves within my case... Results in my pc running much quieter, cooler and faster. GTA5 looks so pretty with the settings cranked up a bit!
  7. New PC Build Advice

    I'd not consider upgrading the cpu and memory until long after you've bought a better graphics card. Then again that 7980 probably copes with your Midlands goat pR0n....
  8. The infamous Black Friday....

    No need for that! I'll get back to you when I have a worthy comeback.... Bought myself a GTX970 today, got the Zotac one OCUK had on sale for £240 (shorter one with 2x fan so it actually fits my pc) Also got a new card for my brother and a 5.25" drive bay mount to put my SSDs in properly, going to make an effort to remove all bodging from my pc. Elastic bands and cardboard to hold them in place will be a thing of the past!
  9. The infamous Black Friday....

    Overclockers.co.uk are planning on putting up a load of offers including high end hardware bundles tomorrow. Aiming to get myself and brother new graphics cards
  10. I'd love to go back in time and watch Alien(s) and Terminator 2. I bet they must have been utterly epic to see back then
  11. I will just leave this here...

    Less drinking at these compared to Elite, yet to see drinking games. LAN includes bacon cooking facilities, despite it now being a cancer risk....
  12. Doctor Who Season 9 Teaser Trailer

    There's a new season? Is it me or is nobody really talking about it at the moment? I swear I've seen nothing on twitter or facebook, same said for my usual forum haunts!
  13. epic16 Costume Contest

    Nivek, please don't bring that spiderman costume again. My mind has barely recovered.
  14. Chevy Suburban 2016

    Good to hear you're all ok. Could quite easily be for the best you did stop, who's to say you wouldn't have had a bigger accident if you'd ran the light?
  15. Chevy Suburban 2016

    Looks quaint
  16. GRIP

    Just saw this linked elsewhere. Loved Rollcage, spent silly time on it. Will be backing this when I get home. Like Distance this should be awesome fun at LANs
  17. BBC Proms Meets Ibiza

    Will have to sit down and watch that properly. Love watching Symphony Orchestra's playing something a bit different to normal. Just works with every genre I can think of!
  18. More Rock, More Metal, More EBM and Industrial. Plus some good trance + progressive!
  19. Jury Service

    Yeh there can be good ones too, one of my mates was called up and involved in a fraud case, sounded really interesting!
  20. Jury Service

    Got called up, decline due to a prebooked holiday clashing. They then bumped it back to later in the year.... Which meant I got to sit in on a child molesting case for 2 weeks including my birthday. Yeh.... Can't say I found that particular enjoyable or something I'll look back at in any fond light. :/
  21. Easy to say that when nothing goes wrong. But would you rather swap to what happened to me and a few others last year? Walking out to trashed tents, or people throwing rocks and shit at your tent with you in it? Didn't notice that! Us lot in Longstone wanted that so we could all be in the same team yet none of us realised! Good: Jackbox Party games on big screen - nice one Jobabob. Great fun Winning the quiz! Working internet and Steam cache <3 The Staff Quiet sleeping rooms GTA5 + UT4 MP games Bad: Didn't play any board games Ugly: Can't think of anything
  22. Good News / Bad News

    If it helps Elsie I can go to the Rugby instead of you so you don't miss pack down?
  23. epic.FIFTEEN Internet Connection Updates

    I don't think anyone should be given any ability to upload streams from the LAN until all other essential services are nailed, I'd like to think the staff will already stop all that if we start to see issues with game authentication and similar. If people want to see people playing the games they should come to the LAN
  24. Water fights?

    The boat race usually turns into a wet t-shirt competition due to people failing at actually consuming their beverage... Likely to be the closest you'll get to a water fight!