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  1. I am yet to have a breakfast, but I had the pulled pork burger with chips and onion rings last night (Thursday) and whilst the burger was absolutely fine, the chips and onion rings tasted as though they had been cooked with the southern fried chicken (spicy) which won't be nice for any vegetarians! Today I ordered a panini. About 45 minutes in, was told that they were being sorted out. I asked what the delay was when I still didn't have my panini over an hour later and was told again "we're trying to get them sorted out". I asked if there was any brie in the kitchen (I ordered the brie one) and was told that there wasn't but someone might be going out to get some brie. I didn't really feel like waiting another half an hour, so I said i'd have bacon and cheese. When I did get my panini, the cheese wasn't melted and the bread tasted stale. Such a shame as last couple of events the panins were amazing! Also, if there's going to be a delay with food, one of the catering staff should tell us rather than wait for us to ask an hour after ordering.
  2. Glad someone else said it so I didn't have to! <3
  3. Can confirm that @footballFenWick and her other half are hilarious. And nice too - which is nice.
  4. Hey @footballFenWick - glad you decided to come, can't wait to meet you! I'm sure someone will be able to help you out, it might be a bit early for some people to confirm so keep your fingers crossed. Pro-tip; Advance fares on trains go live on https://www.thetrainline.com 12 weeks in advance so set a reminder on your phone or something for 12 weeks before the event and see if you can grab a bargain on train fare. That way at least you're covered just in case any questions in the mean time, you know where to find me! x gitsie x
  5. St. Pancras is way easier. It's only 45 minutes/1 hour from there!
  6. As much as I can't help with a lift @Role I can not bloomin' wait to meet you dude!
  7. Glad you enjoyed it 2 points with mentioning though: - There are signposted cold drinking taps in the toilets, which you can you use - There are drink holders available for purchase on the bar and at the shop which hold up to 4 pints and are a life saver!
  8. Surprised no-one has started this already - so here we go! The Good Ricky & Amy, as always the best banter at KCC The DJ Sets on Saturday Night. That Enya/Prodigy mix up was top notch The catering - despite some minor issues, the food was awesome and those Honey Chicken Skewers need to be a permanent fixture Seeing all you lovely people again! The Bad People who turn up to LAN and then try to restrict how much fun other people can have. We're all here to have fun, so chill out! The weather during build (it did a little rain!) The toilets and showers on Friday morning. Someone had 100% had an accident in the ladie's showers The Ugly Gump's 4am rendition of Wonderwall. My ears!!!!
  9. I've not sampled the breakfasts yet this event, but I'm happy with what I have had from catering so far. Glad the Nachos will now have melted cheese on and apart from the skewers, I don't think i'd have the chicken again. Looking forward to a Burger later!
  10. That is spectacular - I will ask around, you never know!
  11. If you're planning on turning up on the Thursday then it's incredibly likely you will be able to grab a spot in one of the indoor sleeping rooms. Sleeping under your desk is fine if you can handle the noise, temperature and smell of some parts of the gaming halls. By smells, I mean the combined smell of days of 'shower in a can', takeaways, and all the energy drinks and ale people can down over a weekend. But seriously. Grab some indoor sleeping space or a tent
  12. Tacos!
  13. Also sensible options: - Eating at least one meal that isn't chocolate or crisps per day. - Sleeping. - Showering/and or shower in a can. - Not getting drunk enough that you vom or get in to a state of undress.
  14. Hey! You can sign up as a mercenary here: http://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/ so other teams/players can find you. Good luck!