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  1. Planning on getting a game going tomorrow with @JoeShow, who'd be interested in joining? @BillieTrixx, reckon "The Defusers" would be ready to assemble again?
  2. Mordhau

    You can probably count on a decent turnout from 404 for it, that's been the hot flavour for the last week or so!
  3. Lanmaster

    People seem to have this ridiculous impression that 404 are this rowdy bunch of uncouth, brash, foul mouthed degenerates. Frankly I have no idea where you come up with "foul mouthed", it's obviously not true!
  4. d20 board game stall, demos and competitions

    Awesome! I'll probably be trying to get a BSG game going on Saturday evening again as well if you guys want in!
  5. d20 board game stall, demos and competitions

    Are you guys planning to bring Captain Sonar along with? Possibly got some of the 404 gang interested in a game or two, and even if not I'm v keen for some (and I'm sure numbers would be easy to make up for it)
  6. An honest question

    It's back, and it's got a friend....
  7. A Refecltion on the last 11 years

    Y'all make me look like i've got a problem :'(
  8. @daftchip definitely needs to join us at 404 and take on @DrPen0r. Hospital stay is practically guaranteed!
  9. If only we could have managed some "team radio" a la F1. Prog spent most of the time yelling "No Manning!" if the ball was heading roughly towards our goal.
  10. Rocket league

    Fun tourney was great at sixteen. Full tourney at seventeen much pls. And Gang Beasts Tournament. 404 will get all up in that sheet.
  11. First!

    You don't speak for us officer buzzkill! Except, he's right. Listen to officer buzzkill, then call him officer buzzkill. We're also claiming 12th btw.
  12. Pre-Pub-Quiz BBQ

    Pre pub-quiz is a full blown LAN tradition in 404. I lost count of how many wrong orders it took for the last night chinese tradition to die out so the bbq's pretty damn safe. Not even the LANtarctica that was i48 stopped it
  13. Pre-Pub-Quiz BBQ

    That's the plan left-one, we'll probably depart somewhere around 5 I'd guess to be able to get back and fire up the grill
  14. Exploding Kittens

    Dom had planned to bring that to fifteen but they didn't turn up in time. You can count on a good turnout from 404 for playing it at sixteen!