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  1. HAIL

    404 honourably held the line in the great battle of i42. We shall do so once again.
  2. Overwatch

    Yes, I'm wondering the same. Will it be a Friday or Saturday start?
  3. Overwatch

  4. Overwatch

    Overwatch has taken us all by storm in the last few months, filling the void left by the eventual demise of TF2 competitive. What can we look forward to in terms of Overwatch stuff for the upcoming Epic.19? Do the management feel it's big enough to warrant a proper tournament?
  5. You didn't say PM, you said grab you through here so I assumed that meant this thread!
  6. Hey Gump, 404 are on the back row. I doubt we'll fit anywhere else so if we could be left there that'd be wonderful!
  7. Epic17 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    I'm aware one of our chumps knocked over a drink on your table, I know it's idiotic and shouldn't have been done, but ultimately one of your chaps then followed him back to our table, and started grabbing and shoving him whilst shouting and swearing. I could understand him being annoyed, however considering all someone had done was knock over a drink, his actions were not "defending yourself" as you put it, it's escalating it to another level, a criminal one. As aforementioned, I think there was a bit of drunken tomfoolery on both parts, but whoever that guy was he should be ashamed as that behaviour (namely following someone and attacking them) is totally unacceptable and it was his actions that brought things to the point they were at. TL;DR - Both parties guilty. Apologies all round, let's not do it again!
  8. Epic17 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    As one of those team people, I agree with what was said. Was just people being a little too silly on both sides and perhaps a little too much drink for some people. Unfortunately one person decided to take things to the next level by making it physical, but thankfully everybody else brought it back down afterwards.
  9. Bar and Catering Feedback

    The vege burger they are using is a marked improvement on the previous one they had. Thumbs up there!
  10. undies in the showers

    For the eyes?
  11. Ping on LAN

    Quite possibly! Thanks for taking a look
  12. Ping on LAN

    Hello, I think most of us had a ping issue during the CSGO Armsrace Fun Tournament. Thankfully it was only a fun tournament so I don't think we're too bothered but could someone look in to the issues and hopefully make sure all is good for the serious tournaments coming up? Most of us were experiencing latency issues especially with choke. My choke never went lower than 80% and ping hovered at 60 and the others experienced similair. Haven't had any issues with other games so far at E.17 yet both via LAN and WAN (TF2 LAN and L4D2 LAN were without fault) making me think it's possibly something to do with the machine or connection to the machine the server was being hosted on. Thanks
  13. The Bar

    Fair prices! Cheaper than most events and some pubs so can't argue with that.
  14. New Catering Menu

    I also am interested for this.
  15. Costume Contest Reminder

    That's very brave of you.