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  1. After every event we do feedback to KCC about food and drinks at the venue. This is why in Feb (i think) the food was really good. Since then there has been a change of hands and as such we have to start the process from the start. The Venue aren't use to mass catering for the day and would only normally do this for an hour to cover lunch breaks at confrences or for weddings which is bring food out pretty much at once and serve. We are hoping they will take all the feedback we provide after the event from your serveys and the forums posts and try to learn for next time. I have to say sometimes they get food spot on (chicken skewers) others not so much (Chips) but i do think they will work on it for next event.
  2. Hows this for waitress outfit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ladies-Womens-Roller-Waitress-Costume/dp/B01HX53LLE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508187567&sr=8-1&keywords=waitress+outfit
  3. Hi Left-One, I have just moved the suitcase over so you can now walk past. I will see about moving it to a better place tomorrow.
  4. These guys are awesome
  5. Knowing whats in them you probably should be
  6. You will get waitress service the event you come back. I will do it for you. I have the outfit already. PLEASE COME BACK. I need my Elsie back <3
  7. When MRated does the defrag he does put up a forum post (social media post, etc are also done) When this happens comment with the names of the people and he will try to facilitate it.
  8. I will just stick to sexey
  9. Elsie, This is amazing news. Congratulations xxx
  10. There is the epic.Hub which does this and was being used at the event. you can access this via the intranet when going through granting internet. We are LAN winners :D. I have had worse messy ones tbh and its no problem next LAN me and astro and planning alot more werewolves it purely came down to to many things for me and Astro double booking himself (how rude :D) I will need to play in a game with @ShadowCat modding then
  11. thank you for coming was amazing to see you there
  12. Hope you enjoyed the night. Was a great laugh. Need to thank: Haden for the epic.music Gitsie for helping to build props and planning the night Joeshow for doing a host and hype And all you for getting behind a great night Lots of love to you all
  13. 2nd
  14. Tada?