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  1. Will there be Wreckfest?

    Its our first time running it. We wanted to keep it vanila. We had a lot of fun. Deffo thinking next event. Will look into what more we can do with it.
  2. First

  3. The Toilets, The Showers and the extra 300 people...

    If the toilets or showers are particulaly grim please do let a member of staff know. We will happily sort for someone to nip in and do a quick resolution and or grab Venue staff to deal with it.
  4. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    Your right it does. Maybe something for the two groups to discuss and sort between themselves? I'm not 100% sure on the defrag plan but they are normally done for sold out events and as you can imagine the staff are all super busy planning our biggest event yet. It would be really help if the two groups could nominate someone to chat more about it with each other and sort via PM. It saves some work for the epic staff and I think its just going to be 1/2 and 1/2 on the row by the looks of it.
  5. EPIC 26 Camping

    I know right. I'm so hyped for next event
  6. EPIC 26 Camping

    its dependent on the hotel plan. Jon is meeting with venue on the 7th which this is a topic for discussion
  7. Last Post Wins!?

    I am?
  8. Last Post Wins!?

    go Duty for the win
  9. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I'm also going to do a good bad and ugly post. Good Epic.staff - all the staff worked their backsides for this event and it showed in the event we put on. I personally feel this was our best event ever. Yes we didn't get everything right but we will always continue to learn and grow from the feedback we get. This is the epic way Epic.punters you were all amazing and helpful and friendly. You understood issues and was always willing to wait while we resolve them. You continue to support us event after event. I hope as we grow we never loose you as you are one of the biggest reasons I staff. Sausages - omg the breakfast sausages were so good. Content - the content which came out from the event (photos, videos and stream) were all amazing The continued support from sponsors like Noctua, bequiet and Xgamer etc The support from general kcc staff in terms of build and dealing with issues Bad Food - to me the food after breakfast really dropped in standards compared to normal. I was really happy for the menu and getting to try all of it however it just wasn't as good. Additionally those wooden cutlery I'm so glad the shop had plastic cos they were horrible Toilets - why can people pull of a 360 no scope in game and then miss the god dam toilet.. If you sprinkle when you tinkle then sit down or clean up after yourselves Sleeping rooms - please remember the rule in the sleeping rooms off don't be a dick. Double airbed for 1 person is not needed... Also fire doors are used in case of fires please don't block them or get angry at me when I say you need to move. And the biggest one don't block the walk ways with suitcases or beds. I would like to be able to get to my bed after having a drink Ugly The smell in the toilets downstairs. This was reported to kcc staff who tried what they could but the smell just wouldn't go. Showers - do people shave their legs or something in the shower. The amount of hair I picked out was ridiculous. Kcc catering and bar staff. You could tell they werent out normal staff. We know our Amy wasn't well and was gutted to be missing out but it really did show this event that the staff need more training and support reasy for the event.
  10. Tabletop RPGs

    Keep an eye out on the comunity time table this will be where they will be advertised during the event
  11. epic24 Ales

    Can confirm thats the right one.
  12. First

  13. epic24 - Maps & Customer Info

    We ask ID dependent on Age using a think 25 guide process. While entry will be allowed Alocohol Drinks may not. I would suggest getting ID sorted but i think it maybe a little too late. We can accept Passport/Driving lisences or anything with the Pass Logo.
  14. Splatoon on Switch?

    I'm always here for innuendo's
  15. Lite South 10

    It is a little event. GTA, Blur, TF2, Fist full of frags and lots of boardgames are normally on the list. Its very laid back with games that are run so if you want a game up you can litrally shout it to the room and people who are interested will join in.