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  1. Tabletop RPGs

    Keep an eye out on the comunity time table this will be where they will be advertised during the event
  2. epic24 Ales

    Can confirm thats the right one.
  3. First

  4. epic24 - Maps & Customer Info

    We ask ID dependent on Age using a think 25 guide process. While entry will be allowed Alocohol Drinks may not. I would suggest getting ID sorted but i think it maybe a little too late. We can accept Passport/Driving lisences or anything with the Pass Logo.
  5. Splatoon on Switch?

    I'm always here for innuendo's
  6. Lite South 10

    It is a little event. GTA, Blur, TF2, Fist full of frags and lots of boardgames are normally on the list. Its very laid back with games that are run so if you want a game up you can litrally shout it to the room and people who are interested will join in.
  7. Escape Rooms

    In i have wanted to do one of these for ages
  8. First

  9. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    I've really enjoyed the food this event. Massive thank you to the staff for this.
  10. Guide to your epic.LAN event

    Its Mere to Mere so here is my handy little guide to all that is LAN Week Before LAN Book breakfast and Evening meal vouchers This can only be done prior to the event and it’s worth doing saves you having to worry about food for the event and saves you money. Print your ticket barcode and know your username and seat number This will help us check you in at our events meaning quicker access. If you can’t print it don’t worry but do know your user name If you’re 16 or under you will need to get a parental consent form completed and bring that to the event. Download it here https://www.epiclan.co.uk/files/ParentalConsentForm.doc Allocate your vouchers If you have bought multiple tickets or have a voucher icon next to your name on the seating plan this means you have a voucher to allocate. if it's for yourself allocate the voucher to yourself otherwise pass the details to your friend to assign the voucher. This will save a lot of time at the event meaning you can get in quick and start playing games Pack Quite important to pack all the things you need. I would suggest ensuring you have 4-way power plug, Kettle leads, etc. Also make sure you pack a towel and shower stuff. For more details check our FAQ https://epicgaming.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000542586-what-do-i-need-to-bring- Download Games, drivers and Software While we do provide an internet connection it is shared across all the people at the event (470+) so help everyone out and get your games and software done before LAN Sign up to your esports tournaments before the event Sign up via our tournament site https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ This will help us group people for the seating plan Defrag and show us numbers for future events. We can also use this data to encourage more sponsors and hopefully secure higher prize funds Talk to each other in the build up. Make use of our epic lan Discord https://discord.gg/epiclan before and at our events to talk to other players and staff. Day of LAN The event opens at 4pm Thursday, the Downstairs bar is open from 2pm Thursday with early check-in to help get people in nice and quick. Travel Make sure you check your train times and travel plans for any closures or diversions. Check in from 2-3.45 - Find a member of the epic team and ask check yourself in. From 4 you will be able to check in at the lakeside desk and the shop areas. Please note We may (and probably will) ask for ID. This is to make sure the right person is getting the ticket and that you are of legal age to drink. ID cards Must be one of the following Passport, Driving Licence, National ID Card or a Card carrying the Pass Logo. If you don’t have one we may have to count you as under 18. You will be given an under 18 band and stopped from drinking by the Venue. We use a Challenge 25 policy for this. Setup and Enjoy Setup your stuff and get going. Any issues with Networking etc please let a member of the staffing team know they will do their best to help you out. Forgot something Our onsite 24-hour shop has Food, Drinks and last-minute items that you need whether that’s a VGA cable, Kettle lead or Batteries and mouse matts. We also have the epic Branded Gear. These go quick so don’t miss out LAN Weekend Enjoy yourself Big Games Check out our big games timetable jump into games with others and show them who's boss go to the epic Hub Accept hub notifications from the epic hub, Get notifications for big games taking place and reminders for when catering and bar closes and opens (MORE important) Also add stuff to the community time table, We see you all playing games. Want to get more people set a time up for it and people will join you. Fun Tournaments Check out the fun tournaments and prizes sign up and aim to win Shower Make use of the onsite facilities such as the showers. They will help you feel fresh and stop LAN death spreading. I’m sure people around you will be grateful too. Top up your epic Event Account Did you know you have an event account you can put money on. This can be used to buy all manner of goods at our event from the epic.shop. Great Eat and drink Make use of the onsite catering, Epic shop and Bar. They are handy for your food and drink needs. You can also order food in. However, we would ask you provide your name and User name and Seat number when ordering food. This will help the staff find you and get the food to you while it's hot. Socialise Epic do put on an opening ceremony Thursday, Pub quiz Friday (not quiet world famous) and Special events Saturday. Keep an eye out for the details on Social media hint https://www.facebook.com/events/335565836908006/ Visit the stands We always try to get companies to our events keep an eye out for these and go say hi see what they have. Internal voice comms, Yes we have an internal voice comms system TeamSpeak. Tweet Yes we have an epic tweet wall on display at our events. Push a tweet out with the hashtag #epic23wall
  11. Indoor Sleeping - Portland

    Yes no change to the sleeping rooms
  12. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    fruit based drink for this lady
  13. Tabletop RPGs @ Epic 23

    Ohhhhh it's a great one. Just don't piss of your god... I did... It didn't go well
  14. Happy Birthday Winbar!

    Happy Birthday Jon, I believe its now Jager O'clock
  15. Hello greetings from Malaysian

    Should the food not be suitable you can also order food to the venue so there is plent of choice for you.