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  1. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    the secret is to collect all the 9mm ammo in the map, I mean properly fill your bag up with it, then the guy who kills you will have loads of ammo he doesn't need (I have a not so secret problem of collecting ALL the ammo I see)
  2. Breaking the rules

    And with the demise of maplin I wish you the best getting parts LAN weekend! Seriously though I hope the curse skips you this time
  3. The lype is real

  4. Lift to EPIC from Edinburgh?

    When I used to lan from up that way megabus to somewhere closer then train was usually the best option (read cheapest, not necessarily quickest) but can a pain in ass with all your stuff
  5. Is it MERE!?

    Food you gotta wait till later for, bring snacks to cover you until 4pm at the earliest
  6. Is it MERE!?

    early checkin and starting drinking with the wonderful Kettering bar staff at 2pm on the Thursday has and shall forever be the way forward, hell if the bar opened at 1pm I'd be there just to get warmed up for checkin
  7. "Sharing" platters, I like it
  8. Costume competition

    404 have plans......we'll be there
  9. Big Games @ epic.NINETEEN

    Rocker League sounds great! But no, I have no suggestions, sorry
  10. New PC Build - Advice Required!

    Your power supply will be more than enough as the new nvidia cards have a lower TDP so all you'll have to check is you CPU socket as @dunceantx says, if it's an 1150 you are good to go
  11. Nice.

    Thankfully the guy who has decided it's ok to put his airbed in the middle of the aisle up the hall to have a nap isn't snoring but the NICE guys are awake
  12. So impatient now, ready for thursday

  13. Blizzard BattleTags

    That really is what she said! First time @Dukeyhas heard that in a while too
  14. Vaping at our Events

    I am a smoker myself and if you ask me vaping is exactly the same as smoking, don't see any reason why it should be allowed in doors when smoking isn't, even as a smoker the massive clouds of smoke some people exhale is just ott. This post is not meant to start a debate about vaping supposedly being a different thing from smoking before someone tried to point out that, just saying that i welcome this