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  1. Looks good.
  2. The Good Staff! Big thanks to the epic team and KCC crew The people Food (Breakfast was spot on) DJ sets in Lakeside Hearthstone Tournament Internet connection The Bad Us in the Overwatch tournament Shots The Ugly Friday night
  3. Just to say that I've found the Lakeside music to be fine the last few events I've attended. No problems using voice comms due to music.
  4. 1. Knee slaps 2. Wews 3. Finger guns
  5. Cheers guys and big thanks to you reech for sorting out a day of great varied content!
  6. Hi, If you're going with friends it's very important you all have the same clan tag, incase of seating changes to make sure you're all kept together.
  7. I aspire to be more like him.
  8. Come over and have a chat next time if you have a problem, we(as far as I know) didn't set out to ruin the event for anyone or was aware of any real issues at the time. It was an open tournament and a fair few of the teams had members doing other stuff at the same time, as I above we were happy to wait for other teams everyone was friendly. Obviously this was a big thing for you guys and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. We didn't set out or was even aware we had ruined your fun.
  9. Wow. We(The UNIT) played 5 out of 6 teams. (Im guessing your team was the one that dropped?) We also waited hours between some of our games and it was really a non issue, the other teams were very friendly and happy to play at time that was good for everyone involved. I'm sorry you feel so hard done by you feel the need to insult people?
  10. The Grand The staff. Thank you to everyone who gave up their free time to make the event happen The Bean Legion! Fun Tournaments, RL and Overwatch were great Big games Uncky reech Pub quiz Birthday cake The Terrible Too much wine The weekend flew by The Gumpster Gumpster
  11. Paninis and the breakfasts were really good every time.
  12. This! Dead By Daylight R6 Siege GRID Autosport Chivalry: Medieval Warfare COD4
  13. I don't really know you very well but sorry to hear you won't be attending anymore. I hope everything is ok. (Not really sure what to say) glhf!