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    I live for fighting games
  1. Fighty games?

    Any plans for fight game tournaments / fun tourneys? My urge to punch and throw fireballs is becoming critical and i need to know where to channel my practise over the holidays ready for 26. Street Fighter? Mortal Kombat 9 or X? - this would be cool to see on the big screen Tekken? Smash Bros? All of the above? Feed me Seymour. Feeeeed meeee.
  2. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

  3. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    I'm kinda glad that the toilets won't be chopped about this time around. One thing I found annoying was that the signs were normal during the day while you're sober. But at night once you're annihilated and the mens room is suddenly no longer the mens room, I go to what I thought was the mens, only to walk into awkwardness.
  4. Street fighter tournament?

    I'm down for some SF next lan. I havent played in a long time and I really miss playing it at lan events.
  5. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    I know you didn't set out to ruin the event, I didn't say that. I think a few of us felt we wasted valuable lan time hanging about in limbo and we were under the impression that you guys were aware of how we felt about it but still decided to go on, which is why you garnered such a responce because this is the first time teams have opened a dialogue since lan and frustration levels were turned up to 11. Turns out wires were crossed and wrong ends of sticks were grasped, some messages failed to get delivered, whatever. Mrated came and spoke to us and we've straightened it out. However, thank you for apologising. And I am sorry for snapping at you initially. Wouldn't want any bad blood, lan is for fun after all.
  6. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    Good: Brekky Quiz LAN in general The terrible: -Fixed- Gayping getting banned across site because someone set the fire alarm off. Bad: n/a
  7. Street Fighter fun tournament?

    I'm sure I can throw something together at the 404 area.
  8. Costume Contest Reminder

    Damn, I need to drastically rethink my outfit.
  9. Not sure if this is in the right place of not. Anyways, has there been any talk or interest in some form of tornament for Street Fighter? Personally, I love the game but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of fighting games at Epic. Not a deal breaker, just something I'd like to see. Hell even if like only 6 people turned up, I'd still play.
  10. Costume Contest Reminder

    Do no clothes at all count towards a costume?
  11. Opening Ceremony - Volunteers Needed

    Hmm, I reckon I could ask 404 if anyone is willing to do a trouser / pants less hand stand with legs spread on stage for embarrassment purposes. I have other embarassing suggestions too! Blindfolded fist fight Who can shout "I'm gay" the loudest Most toe nails eaten in 60 seconds Wear a fedora for the whole event
  12. Chevy Suburban 2016

    Ok Mrs Lovejoy.
  13. It's a service. Haven't even touched the tutorial for RL, if anything we just play inter-community bs matches so that trouncing was to be expected. Plus I was making up the numbers. As far as Im aware, we had no tactics what so ever apart from my talent for the use of high velocity impacts. We've got a couple of players in the community that have got some serious potential, I'm not one of them as you saw. Maybe I'll git gud sometime. But until then I will boost for my people.
  14. WEAKNESS. You are not yet conditioned for an optimal LAN experience.