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    Hey Girl. Hey Boy. Superstar TJ. Here we go; The Ugly - Debatably just a bad item but so infuriating it was that it gets relegated here. Yes ladies and gentlemen i am talking about the use, or more specifically, the non use of the usual KCC entrance. Sitting security next to a door to stop people using it rather than just checking wrist bands is as INSANE as it sounds. Learn from nature, a force will always take the path of least resistance. Making someone walk a 20 minute round trip to grab something from their tent or car is a criminal waste of human life. Fortunately those on the front desk had the brains to overlook this policy. Please borrow some of their common sense when considering this policy in the future. The Bad - The music in Lakeside. As mentioned by others, the noise was more obnoxious than usual. I understand epic want to garner a community spirit in this area, maybe even a bit of a party atmosphere? But just turning the volume up and drowning out any other noise (which happened on more than one occasion by more than one of the admin staff) is not how you do it. We're all sat with headsets on? I just ..... it defies logic?? A good many times the music was louder than my headset with the volume maxed out, god rest the ear drums of the guys who were sat in direct line or adjacent to the speakers. Maybe relocating this is an idea? Let the masses come to the party rather than imposing it on them?? and if it turns out not to be popular then your answer is ... - The smash tourney ... one of the best attended fun tournies of the weekend thrown in the corner of the arena whilst the main stage and seating was used for???? Again, another rethink please! The Good - Good amount of fun tournies and timed better than usual. - Ben & Ben2 and his crew who sat opposite us in LK. Good bunch of guys who seemingly enjoyed the 404 banter, also good to play PUBG with them and all round good sports .... now just to annex them into 404 .... - BREXIT LAN was good laugh - The showers on Friday morning were actually quite respectable for a change. The first (and only) time ive EVER heard the drain working though i credit this for having figured out when and using the showers after the regular morning fumigation by KCC - Beer. Good to see a different choice for a change. The Citra is the tits but it was getting particularly yeasty half way down, maybe let it settle longer if possible next time? The Taylor served as a moderate replacement. Just the cost ..... plz .... you can buy a bottle of citra for 1.20 a fecking Waitrose - 10TMP was a good craic - Calm Down Stalin. Just lol. - VR stuff in lakeside was good though constantly 5 deep in queue. Some peeps need to learn to play shorter tracks on Beat Saber or give it up to the peep behind. - Good to see Rock band again but not a pair of guitars?? - Keeping the CS screamkids kettled in their own pen on the other side of the venue. Top work. - The pub quiz. Good lolz but looked a bit rushed at the end, probably due to dem jaegers (excellent work btw) - The admins in general. More banter with you guys than usual seemingly, met a few more of you, keep up the good work. - LANMaster. I guess. And that's the way the news goes.
  2. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    You guys ..... DO remember the siren helmets and RoboButler (DeadJazzy)? Well how about ROBOSIRENHELMETBUTLER
  3. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Catering feedback? Ho ho hoooo! Fiction CAN be fun! But i find the reference section, much more enlightening. I've complained about the catering by KCC for so long i assumed people just stopped listening. The slop turfed out has been so inedible for so long that we, as a community, club together to cook our own food. Un/fortunately i was so gopping for something to eat before our takeaway on Saturday evening (the PUBG tourney pushed back when we usually ordered but nae bother about that) that i cracked and tried it again by ordering a panini. The bad news is that it was predictably terrible. How a kitchen that isn't busy can over-cook two bits of bacon but under-cook the cheese and bread in the same panino (i refuse to use the incorrect, though commonly (wrongly) accepted, plurality from now) is a feat of physical impossibility that should not be overshadowed. The good news is that it has given me a leg to stand on to be able to jump up on my over used soap-box and chime in on how poor the catering truly is. KCC is irredeemable as a catering establishment. I considered taking the remainder of my panino home to feed to my dogs but i don't think i could bear cleaning up the resultant (and inevitably more appetising) uber turd, nor did i want to risk the lawsuit from the RSPCA, ironically as half-baked as the offending food item. With little more than two small camping stove's and a head torch, one (sometimes two) people have been able to cook the following, amongst others, in everything from -5°C to force gale winds for easily in excess of 10 people at a time; Fajitas & Chilli/Cheesey Nachos Rabbit Stew & Dumplings Partridge Stew & Dumplings Tikka Masalla Chicken Biryani Kaesespaetzle All; Fully hand made With fresh ingredients In the KCC camp site On the day of LAN For a fraction of the indoor catering cost. How the KCC staff can use a fully equipped catering kitchen to such woeful result is mind boggling. Safe to say, KCC catering is terrible and those who disagree were probably dropped at birth. For those with the lack of self respect and still consider this an adequate eating establishment please let me know and i will bring some cattle feedbags to Epic 26 that will probably suit you better. Shut this place down. Fin.
  4. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we goooooooo (wait, that was Rick and Morty LAN?) Good Dukey's 10th LANniversary. Pulled out all the stops dude. Props. Dukey's face when we sang him Happy LAN Day with his cake. Like a kid at christmas. Beautiful. The LANkards. They'll be coming back to every LAN with me. 404 Centurion - Becoming quite the tradition. Good to see our ranks growing exponentially and fucking lols at that surprise Hoedown half way through, i honestly didn't know you benders were so into your country music. People asked me about the song we were dancing to and you can find it on spotify here. (John Ryan's Polka/New York Girls.) My Tent and Stove. -7C eh? The Night King can suck a fat one. Though the other 404 members huddling in my tent were beginning to distinctly look like The Others towards the end of LAN. That stove was 'too hot to sit next to' in the morning, quick piss and put the coffee on. Camping at it's finest! Night's Watch LAN. Lotta work went in from a few people to make that look as good as it did. The drunken brawling was funny. Pub Quiz win. Always a highlight. Winbar sounded a bit salty about the number of people on our team but i can assure you, there's literate apes that qualify as homo sapiens before many of them do. Plus other teams had as many people as us? Overcooked. Jesus wept that game is funny when you've had a few. Utter chaos. Ash throwing everything we made over the edge or in the bin because he'd lost all hand eye coordination. Gang Beast. Really good build on that atm, must make sure we play more next LAN. The ShiteWalker. He may have looked like grandad had shat his pants and been dressed in whatever we could find but he was a fine mascot. Good to see some familiar faces from Epic. Even got a hug from M, quite the bromance he's in for there .... Gunmens for knowing where my LANkard ended up. Good lad. The Ford LANsit Van. Three dudes and their stuff squeezed in there pretty well. The facilities have improved alot. KCC were genuinely more on top of supplies/cleaning this time and you could tell. Keep up the good work. Avoiding the catering at KCC entirely. Just the look and smell of that food makes me want to hurl. 404 LAN Breakfast Club for £6.50, yes please. Good effort to Dom for helping me cook and to Pen0r for the sausages. (and Ale. Go to bread.) Portland Room. I think we may have found our niche. Some people were sleeping under a desk that was meant to be used for one of our community members (who didn't show up this time fortunately) - i know inside sleeping was expanded due to the weather but might need to be a bit smarter on the sleeping and blocking aisle next time. Fortunately it wasn't a problem this time but better not leave it to luck (or Garner's attendance fail) next time. No CSGO screamers. Thank fuck. Speechcraft Level 100. The Rocket Launch success ..... Bad The Satellite Fail ..... Shot of Gin & Tequila post pub quiz win. This needs to stop being a tradition ..... Freezing cold shower on Friday morning. I know the weather was below the temperature these places are designed to meet so can't complain too much but jesus wept that cleared out the cobwebs! Drink prices. pls. slabs pls. Garner not turning up with the monitor i've already paid him for. If you're reading this, i know where you live. THE GAMECUBE AV CABLE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Missing Willybeans due to his health. See you next LAN fellow Great Ape. Lost both of my pint carriers Salty PUBG tournament. Just lol. I'm not sure how a game based on anonymity and stealth is going to work in a room where everyone else can see each other screens. I think squads might be a better idea next time? The dude (admin?) who got lippy on Friday night after the pub quiz. Came over to our group and obviously had had too much to drink, fortunately he left before things came to blows. Apparently a security guard was sniffing around my stuff on my desk while we were down playing Quiplash (i'd like to say the bald guy but aren't they all?) as spotted by another member of our community sat in the opposite row. Not sure why this was done or whether they're allowed to do that? Come and ask next time please and i'll be happy to show you around! All in all a really good LAN. Good effort guys and keep up the good work.
  5. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    I think the legal loophole the KCC will escape down here is that so far as British Standards are concerned, a LAN doesn't really fall into any pre existing category. Do you class it as a conference? An event? A festival? A restaurant? A bar? Each of these (so far as Part L Building Regs, HSE and BS 6465 are concerned) require anything from one per 15 people to 1 per 250. The way these documents dig themselves out of a hole however is that facilities must be 'adequate and readily accesible' and given the number of complaints about the condition of the toilets from last LAN alone i would be interested to know Epics thoughts (if not KCC's too) on what they consider to be adequate, especially now knowing that these facilities are now being shared.
  6. As always. The decision to be obnoxious was a result of the environment. To attempt to seperate these issues would be to miss the point. They're currently undergoing a 'lifestyle reassignment' that they don't like to talk about in public thank you very much. You may be able to recognise them (they prefer to use gender neutral terms) at future events. But he literally has NO ONE ELSE.
  8. Jesus wept, did your vagina come preloaded with sand or do you have a special shovel for it? The fact that the butler (i'd appreciate if we all referred to him by his proper title - DeadJazzy (DJ for short)) was turned up again without consequence was the very demonstration of the poor control on noise, the issue descended into madness (and continues to descend further still) for the rest of the weekend from then on. Some members of staff even told us to turn it up to shut the CSGO kids up. Who knew you lot were such thin skinned babies. We knew we were noisy you retard, we did it on purpose. What we're trying to debate is what is going to be done to maintain noise levels for everyone next time. He's useless to us but we keep him around because he's fun.
  9. Calm it down Lord Haw Haw, the Fuhrer is a grown up and i'm sure he can take fair criticism. If you do a good job then you get a pat on the back. Without knowing how you failed you can't improve. Trust me, we didn't move up from Lakeside out of choice but the welcoming atmosphere from the Fairisle occupants has been noted.
  10. Good My Tent. Brilliant purchase. Pre-LAN Paintballing Minecraft Hunger Games - Never played this game mode before and despite Mojang difficulties and getting our asses kicked, it was mighty enjoyable. HL2DM - Always a good craic Smash toruney was a good laugh despite getting my ass handed to me in the second game. Gonna get me a WiiU emulator methinks. Friday BBQ - Another regular success Thursday Dinner - The cooking stove making its debut and doing exceptional. Might have to try Game Stew again! Security - new employees? Better than the previous, felt less like you were an inconvenience to them and jumped on issues the moment they were raised Another special shout out for Reech. The ability for this guy to absorb the first world problems shit from a few hundred pissed up bitching whiney gamers and not only remain professional and effective but moderately cheery all the way through is award winning. Thank you once again for your help throughout the event. Beer - good stuff when it eventually turned up! Bad Pub Quiz - Is it just me or are these getting more questions rammed into a shorter time span? I know us being pissed doesn't help the time perspective and being quick helps prevent people googling the answers but just seemed a bit rushed this time? Internet - the speed this time was exceptionally terrible rendering many games unplayable. Wcs and showers - these were minging. Often youd see one in a poor state and in exactly the same state the next day. Beer prices - honestly. Please can we sort some slabs of beer? Over 4 quid a pint is crippling!! The Ugly On to the elephant in the room. The CSGO screamtards. I must admit Gump, your reply is incredibly naiive, denying that there is a problem because no one has said anything is unacceptable. People complained to you many times, or anyone else for that matter (just check the discord) about the robobutler. The number of times you spoke to us was once which was quickly brushed off as we turned the volume back up 15 minutes later. This only crystalised the matter as people immediately realised that you enforcing any control on the noise wasn't going to happen. How this issue didn't come to blows was down to the temperament of the players and zero to do with you. I hate to say it but you faield on yhis heavily. I know LAN is a noisy affair at times, over 10 years of LANs has taught me that but ONLY at epic does this scale and volume actually occur. Even as a foulmouthed pisshead i did take a step back and think - Does Epic want to be known as this sort of LAN? Players screaming obscenities at each other all weekend? Trash talk puts everyone in ear shot in a bad mood in any circumstance, we don't need it with every 1:30 minute round of CSGO. It reflects badly on you and it reflects badly on the event. Time to make a decision on how you're going to deal with it (or not as the case has been so far).
  11. Eres un mago Harry

  12. Eres un mago Harry

    NÃO! Harry! Você é um mago!
  13. Eres un mago Harry

    Pero solo soy Harry????
  14. Eres un mago Harry

    Pero solo soy Harry.
  15. Eres un mago Harry

    Soy un QUE??