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  1. epic22 - Event Defrag

    enquiring about vondarkmoor's seat has is white this is our connor
  2. note to all in lakeside!

    hehe true
  3. note to all in lakeside!

    just hopeing I will stay were I am with my friends I purposely picked end of I'll for my needs mobility ect but hay I trust you guys
  4. RPG Game(s) at epic20

    any rpg for me iam in
  5. 2017 epic.LAN Dates (Provisional)

    available for all has usual also all lites yeeaa
  6. It's time to say farewell.

    sorry to here that m8 Glhf
  7. T-Shirts

    Just got my two t-shirts from epic shop werewolves and the mouse one good fit ,need to bue more for epic 16 see you peeps there
  8. Werewolves - Day 2

    Vondarkmoor is not the wolf however he's not on so lynch
  9. Werewolves - Day 2

    And me yippee so who's the big bad wolfs
  10. Werewolves - Day 2

    Sorry for messing my vote up trying to get to grips with my phone by the way iam just a simple villager however if I was killed there would be deiseae
  11. Celebrating

    Gratz m8 better late than never lol
  12. Driving past Coventry

    Hi there I can help live in Nuneaton so can take and drop of if needed
  13. Driving past Coventry

    I can help out
  14. Board Games trip to Thirsty Meeples in Oxford

    Would be interested if more people from area go
  15. Werewolves @ 16

    Agree to all that is said like the ideas of advanced werewolves with the White Wolfe ect also would like to see more games in the day being run like D&D and other games I now this would be difficult with most being epic staff but we have time to organise before epic 16 is here .bye the way awesome event 15 was looking forward to many more to come
  16. Werewolves - Day 2

    Yep got mine