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  1. #ESLPREM Conference will be live from epic 26 today, from 11am in Fair Isle Room.  Anyone with at is welcome to attend, we would like to have an open forum of discussion :) 



    Untitled presentation.png

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  2. Hi all, Happy New Year and all that fine stuff; I hope you all have rested your bones and minds in preparation for the fun filled weekend due upon us known as epic 20! New years mean new things so here is my first forum post and I really would appreciate your help. I am hoping to make a very short and sweet video to promote epic.LAN so we can captivate and encourage more people to join us! All I need from you is to grab whatever device you own that can record video and sound and shout happily ONE word that describes epic.LAN or your reason for coming to epic in general. This needs to be submitted by to me by Sunday 15th 20:00 via email ideally - officialnaysayerz@gmail.com If you read this and feel like you know someone who would love to get involved please do share this with them, the more the merrier Any questions please fire them to me and I will happily try to answer them all Ta Nay x