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  1. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Breakfasts: Were ok. Lunch/Dinners: Were lackluster or going cold. Suspect I will be getting more external catering next event. Bar: WTF was with £5 a pint for Ales on Thursday night, thankfully that was fixed by Friday, but the staff need to know what they are pouring and what they should be charging. If that means sticking a label and the price on the back of the pump/front of the box, then do it. Menu: I appreciate "that charming shade of orange" is company colours but the font size and colour of the text makes it really difficult to read on a white sheet of paper with nothing behind it (stuck in a verical stand with no backing). Please just use black text and maybe increase the font size so I dont have to hold the thing up to read it.

    I don't usually comment on these, but two things really stuck out for me this time: First, food quality and options seemed lacking compared to previous events. Mushrooms and Jam/preserves missing from Breakfast, the main options mostly being back to Burgers (which weren't great), and the evening meal ticket not always covering a whole meal. Apparently it has a value of £5 so if you want chips with that chicken burger costing £4.50 (!?!) you need to pay the extra. Second, price of the Ale going from £3.50 a few events ago to £3.75 (if memory serves correctly) the last two events, and now £4 a pint, may as well go down the Trading Post for food and beers in the evening and then come back for games after. It is pretty much just a price grab as I very much doubt that the supplier price has gone up that much over the same period of time. Also, didn't notice many big game/random games being announced through steam etc. May just have been me, but i remember there being a lot more of these in previous events. Other than that, good to see the usual staff and regulars, good to meet some of the new staff and other people as well. Thanks for a good overall LAN.
  3. epic20 Bar Prices & Offers

    Price on Guest Ales please?
  4. Mobile over seas

    My uncle drives coaches round Europe and i know that he keeps two or three PAYG sims to just plug into a phone (doubt its a smart phone) so as he can call/text and not have to worry about excess charges due to roaming. So yes it is doable, regarding data on the other hand i cant answer sorry.
  5. Thinking of changing your religion?

    Also missing the religion of Dudeism, The Church of the Latter Day Dude.
  6. Magic: The Gathering

    Draft is fun at a lan, but the time consuming (between 5-6 hours) and its preferable to have somewhere away from the main lan to play. If i remember ill just bring some decks that are from no particular format just to play with.
  7. Happy Birthday Murray-Mint

    Happy Birthday Murray, have a good one bud!
  8. Don't Forget Your Barcode

    When doing it at the iseries you can scan the barcode off peoples phones (iphone/HTTC etc) so a tablet should work. (we all know you just want to flash the epeen really )
  9. Choose Death

    Really Old News: Inferno has never been funny
  10. Competition 1 - Decorate Your Desk

    On the grounds that theres two people to a desk, doesnt this automatically make it a team competition or is it a case of hope whoever your sharing a desk with doesnt mind? and if they do object, does only decorating your half of the desk count?
  11. epic.TUNES

    Pirate Metal That is all.