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    The big breakfast was excellent, a much needed change to the bread and water diet. Despite leaving early, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It felt like being backstage at Robot Wars (from my imagination) being in the Sports Hall this time. See you soon
  2. EPIC 26 Camping

    If we don't get grounds for camping can we bring our tents in-doors? ;D
  3. Fighty games?

    Duels in Jedi Knight: JKA for tournaments? Similar theme: 1v1's in Chivalry Medieval Warfare Wonder if there's a 1v1 custom mode in one of the Thief games. Oo I wonder if you can do custom modes in one of the Dark Souls.
  4. How about a WC3 tournament at the next epic?

    Neither! I started watching a few WC3 streamers a couple months ago and can't believe I missed out on this game until now. I played BFME2 but didn't realise WC3 is basically a better version and runs a lot smoother too.
  5. With the announcment of WC Reforged and the departure of Dota 2 as a confirmed tournament could we perhaps see a tournament for WarCraft 3 TFT at the next epic lan? I know we have SC2 already but WC3 is a drastically different game.
  6. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I've been three times to LAN and I disagree with all your points on catering. The food has always been pretty good value for money especially seeing as it's a 20 second walk or less from where you're gaming. The food itself is pretty good quality, it's not amazing but it fills you up and definitely isn't something I'm forcing myself to eat. From my experience the staff have always been a bit quiet but friendly and smiley nonetheless. This time I was overcharged once for breakfast as you're meant to get a free coffee/tea with it so that should be £6, charged £7 but I came back after and told them and got another coffee out of it. I mean it wasn't free even if they had made a mistake but I gave the employee the benefit of the doubt she seemed quite young. To be honest, I've never touched the burgers/bar food I've only ever had the proper meals on the menu. I can see your point on the chips but then again I'm not that much of a fussy eater and I ate them cold with salt on when I was gaming anyway.
  7. I'm currently in FI but can move to Lakeside if needs be.
  8. Dota 2 LFT

    Hey DOOPZ, Thanks for the reply and I've made arrangements to come on the Thursday now instead. Excited to say the least
  9. Dota 2 LFT

    Hi guys, last time I came I didn't manage to get on a pick up group on the day because I was late. I'll be late again this year because the cheaper trains leave at a later time of day as to when the tournament starts. Also does anyone know if people arrive on Thursday instead of Friday so I won't arrive late I could then travel on Thursday instead? Thanks, Leno.