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  1. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    This... I have no memory of this. Explains more than a few things.
  2. Fun Tournaments at epic23

    No Super Smash?
  3. Hi I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me! Good • 404 paintball was great fun, and a good chance to dish out some punishment pre-lan. Hope this pre-event becomes a regular tradition • Getting the fast port to download the 2gb rocket league patch in mere minutes on the Thursday • The weather was pretty outstanding for a weekend in mid October, helped with the setup and pack down as everything was dry! • Despite what others have said, I thought the toilet situation was better than previous epic lans. The toilets on first floor were always stocked with loo roll and usable. • 404 feeding time is getting more and more of a well-oiled machine. Props to TJ and Dom for sorting the brunt of it. • Thanks to the epic staff for putting up with our frivolities again, especially pub quiz and the Mr Meeseeks "directives" • Super smash tourney and Reech continuing the traditional stagediving that my opponents seem to love so much. Shame I couldn't carry it past the next stage • Big games, managed to join minecraft hunger games, HL2DM and TF2. All great fun! • Centurion! Bad • No cask beer til later on in the event, and it wasn't as decent as previous lans. Green King IPA is the Carling of ales, can we get something better for next time? • Internet speeds from Friday onwards took a nose dive • Didn't play that many games, party due to the weather and my own lack of sleep/age meaning my eyes were getting tired after a while • Centurion... Ugly • To add another teardrop to the flood of complaints, the csgo screeching is really getting old now. The robot butler as our deployed countermeasure was partly effective, but resulted in mass civilian casualties along the way (although I don't recall anyone who asked it to be turned down being told to "piss off". Ignored, sure.) It was legitimately hard to play multilayer games this lan as we couldn't even hear ourselves over teamspeak above the screaming, it was picking up on all our mics on the back row and we weren't even closest to them! As a result 404 will be regrouping in another location for next lan, but I think something needs to happen as has already been suggested. • Centurion. Dr.Penor luckily found the bin in time
  4. Eres un mago Harry

    Sikiliza hapa Hagrid mafuta ya waf! Mimi si mchawi wa fucking!
  5. Eres un mago Harry

    Harry, in godsnaam, je bent een tovenaar!
  6. Eres un mago Harry

    Hlustaðu á Harry, þú ert töframaður!
  7. Eres un mago Harry

    Non solo Harry, sei un mago
  8. Eres un mago Harry

    Yes Harry, you're a wizard.
  9. Eres un mago Harry

    Un sorcier, Harry
  10. Eres un mago Harry

    Harry, you're a wizard.
  11. Eres un mago Harry

    Eres un mago Harry
  12. 404 games retro drink olympics 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Lining up a liver transplant donor as we speak