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  1. Though I cannot make it to Feb Lan, I will 100% be there for June and October!
  2. I'll end you at Alpha 2!
  3. Unfortunately I won't be able to make next lan due to family commitments
  4. Good: -Bodying Gary at SF4, though no one needs to mention the sf2 that happened, I claim poor judgment. -Hallowmeme, Not often you see Rick being multiplied whilst someone summons a dinosaur to the party and Link is left there to defeat it with the joker laughing at it all. Though bit of a special mention (For myself anyway) When in the Link costume having a full conversation with some 11-12 year old about Legend of Zelda with his mum thanking me to taking time to talk to him as he had conditions (I did not even realise it when talking to him) the thanks wasn't needed I got to be a nerd able Legend of Zelda without being told it's a kid's game -Drunken overwatch with Connor and The Long dark -Ganking in Chivalry, waiting for the right time to jump in a group fight and getting 3 kills in one is amazing (Not sorry) (However sorry to Reech for stabbing you in the face over and over whilst on your team) -TF2 big game, Turns out I am still awesome as Scout -Twilight imperium on the Thursday, got to prove you don't need a military to have power. The amount of rounds that were bought both by myself and the group, I was not a sight worth seeing on Saturday and I wasn't a 7 Wonder (heh heh heh) on the sunday morning -Seeing an old clan member I hadn't seen for about 2 years, and then proceeding to take the piss out of each other all lan. Good times -WEREWOLF! -Losing Beer pong Bad: -Losing beer pong -Me on Saturday and Sunday. -My bank -Feeling there wasn't enough time to do all the things I would have liked to do. -I would still like to see a community/big game or a lan server for Gmod that isn't prophunt -My borked attempts at any song ever on the Ocarina. -Wishing I had brought some cash or wasn't an idiot with paypal as I wanted to throw money at D20 in exchange for some of that sweet sweet cardboard (BTW I'm making an aftershave wish is the new board game smell and I will call it "Newgame+") -Fuse exploding and almost causing me to put those CS:GO skills to good use -No streetfighter tournament -Still cannot figure out the music request system. -Everyone leaving big games early, This shouldn't really be in bad but It felt like as I was getting into the game people were leaving, again This is not a bash at those or how it's ran at all, more of me wishing it would last longer. Ugly: -There was only one instance which I have mentioned to some staff, but for a lesser story, if you're going to get smashed on everything including alcohol and what ever else you decide to take, please don't come into the building and ruin it for others. Luckily they were removed. -Me Nothing else I can mention really
  5. so we'll be looking at about 9/10 start if that's cool?
  6. Will probably run an sf4 tournament for it, either running it in game using the tournament mode or see if I can bring a small device for it to be on locally.
  7. I'll jump on dicord tonight see if we can get something going, even if it's mvci/sf4-5 over lan connection, actually that could be quite fun as they allow tournament modes
  8. No issues here, as long as me and thelongdark are in the casual hall somehere we have no issues being anywhere really other than right next to the speaker.
  9. Epic sellouts is the name of my Green day Ska Folk-metal Irish cover band.
  10. So glad that it's been sold out, usually means a big and happy LAN, though feel for those who did not get their ticket in time. It's always nice to see something I care about grow!
  11. Don't mind me, just playing bumper cars, this list is not strict so if spaces are available at the time you are more than welcome to fill the slots (as long as it's before we start)
  12. I wouldn't mind running a fun Street fighter tournament, though a friend of mine has come up with a great idea "Beat the pro" £1 a try 2/3 matches proceeds then go to charity might run something like that
  13. Is there a place I can suggest fun tournaments or organise one? I know there's a place but for the life of me cannot remember, would be interested in trying to arrange a street fighter 4 tournament over lan or even running street fighter [insert any] from an emulator device, I am not sure what can be offered in terms of prizes other than knocking me off my pedestal, I have the winner trophy from last lan to put on the line. Any tips and/or links would be appreciated
  14. So we are currently 4/6 on this, 4 or more on this game is awesome, so there are 2 more spaces (hehehehehehe) left, below are the current players: 1. ChronoWolf 2. Left-One 3. TheLongDark 4. Maya 5. Available 6. Available We will be starting at 21:00 Thursday night, beer and drinks (beers and what-not) and snacks welcomed, we will be taking breaks during the game (Due to the length). If you want in either PM me or Quote this message. I will be putting up a rules PDF link here and in Discord closer to the time and will run through an explanation of the game when we sit down to play.