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  1. Werewolves Game 4

    They could never have been lovers otherwise there would have been a third death that night. Em wouldn't have been able to shoot gitsie if they were in love so would've had to target someone else.
  2. Werewolves Game 4

    Thanks Page, you made me sound like badass in the end! I'm surprised everyone turned on Chigger, she was just as guilty as anyone else at that point. I suppose someone had to be lynched tho so gg village! Also thanks kameo for saving me with your potion! Much appreciated!
  3. Werewolves Game 4

    yea i'm gonna go ahead and VOTE GUNMENS. if he's lying, kameo, it's game. if you too are in love tho and chugs is the last wolf, then it's a draw.
  4. Werewolves Game 4

    i've not claimed a simple villager at all this game. i'm a hunter too. whoever doesn't get lynched now, i'll shoot when i die. if gunmens is a wolf, the game ends now if we lynch him.
  5. Werewolves Game 4

    *clears throat*
  6. Werewolves Game 4

    having read most of today's posts, I'm almost certain now werewolves can't win. most likely outcome at this point is a draw, but if things go well, village win. kameo is probably the witch, as I was apparently saved and someone was poisoned. if there are lovers at this point, as gunmens is claiming cupid, it can only mean kameo and gunmens are in love as they have both voted for chugglebunny. pretty sure it's impossible for lovers, therefore to be mixed team as gunmens can't be a wolf and cupid. chugs has claimed villager all along, and if she's telling the truth, it can only mean gunmens is a wolf and there's no cupid. if she's not then logically she should be the one to lynch. is it possible tard is trolling cupid....
  7. Werewolves Game 4

    Why don't you suspect chigger of being a Wolf kameo? She's just at likely at this point as anyone.
  8. Werewolves Game 4

    if we don't hear from chugglebunny before we decide to vote, as boring as it is, should we not just decide to vote her off if she's gonna be mod killed anyway? would rather lose just one possible villager than two... I assume the wolves know who each other are...? sorry but as i've not done an online game before, i'm not sure. but if that's the case, then there's every chance kameo could be a wolf. i know he defended me but he could just be saying that to get me on his side? however i do agree that we've not heard much from eM. you've given no indication so far who's side you're on.
  9. Werewolves Game 4

    *out of game* Although now irrelevant, just out of curiosity, if the jailer were to protect a wolf, would the wolf then be unable to kill someone? I imagine how the jailer works is that he locks someone up and so is unable to use any of their powers/abilities on anyone. Just wondering if the same applied for a wolf...
  10. Werewolves Game 4

    Apologies for the silence. Haven't played online before so just been trying to get a feel for things. agree with Gunmens that we need to work together. however there's still not much to go on other than the witch has most likely used both their potions, unless there's a defender in play, which i doubt as we had the jailer. so unless the witch was targeted last night, they know at least one other 100% villager. I am on the side of the village. before left-one died, he had a lot of suspicion about Kameo. whether misplaced or not, Kameo never did give us any indication as to what role they were. I'd like to hear a bit more from him. And there's still a huge doubt over Chugglebunny as we know nothing about her.
  11. Werewolves Game 4 - Sign Up

    I'll play