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  1. Let's level up for 2019

    That's great news!
  2. It's time to say farewell.

    @Elsie Very sad to hear this, Having a family at home has meant i haven't been able to attend many lans of late. It has been a pleasure to have known you and while you may not be at any future events, i hope to one day Kami, Josh and I will have a good old catch up with you! Take care and hugs from us
  3. Matched Betting

    lol, i'm only trying to share with you something which could give us all an extra little income with little risk. You don't have to believe me, i was only trying to help. If it was a con etc why would it have a huge following on one the UKs biggest money saving websites (Money Saving Expert)? http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=41 There alone is over 24,000 posts on that forum about it..... they also quote there: People are quick to judge, without taking the time to look at it, its only maths... Not Gambling. People are entitled to their opinions, but they should be not just shooting from the hips with incorrect statements.
  4. Matched Betting

    While what Haden has said is true, 1) If you keep to football games etc, the odds don't fluctuate too much, and you should only ever lay on odds which have money against them, and not make your own odds up! 2) The bookmakers given you a bet which needs to be replayed x number of times only really happens with casino/vegas offers and even if there are ones on sportsbooks, its very unlikely you will have to replay it 5 times etc as this would mean you win every bet with that bookie (which while not impossible is highly unlikely)! You would only need to replay the bet until you loose with the bookie, then you would have used that free bet with the bookie and be able to cash out on the exchange win.
  5. Matched Betting

    Well i'm already over £100 up and i have been doing it about 2 weeks, however i have not been as active as i could have been, i have only settled 29 bets (10 Qualifying bets to gain the free bets, 14 free bets & 5 mug bets to keep accounts ticking over to get more free bets which run at a small loss of around 40p each) which over the two weeks is roughly 2 bets a day which is nothing! My friend has earned over £1400 in hard cash in 4 weeks, he started off with £50 of his own money, but has more time to devote to it. The guy who runs PA earns roughly £24,0000 a year and the guy running this blog has earned over £9,000 this year! You should only need about 1/2 hour a night to make an easy £500 a month tax free income, to make between £1,000 & £2,000 needs between 1-2 hours a night.
  6. Matched Betting

    If your on about the bookies then because there are very few people match betting compared to mug betters, betting on a whim.... If your on about PA, then they charge £23 a month or £150 a year for their platinum package which opens the door to soo many bets etc, for example the £23 i paid this month i made back in a couple of minutes. so it paid for itself.
  7. Matched Betting

    The thing is its not gambling, its just maths. More info can be found here http://www.savethestudent.org/make-money/what-is-matched-betting.html Also most of the UKs papers have reported on it in the past and agreed its not dodgy and its not betting. The perception by those who havent researched mattched betting is that its gambling, but once you read up about it, your understand its not and its just a case of some simple mathematics
  8. Matched Betting

    lol, na its not hacking i promise. at first i was sceptical, but if you look at it and know basic maths then its a WIN WIN!
  9. Matched Betting

    I have recently been introduced to 'Matched Betting' at first I was very sceptical, so you probably will be too. But basically it's a very clever system. It works by betting both for and against on an outcome... For Example my first bet was on a football match for Guingamp to beat Toulouse, i placed £10 down on this to qualify for £20 back in free bets! Now here's the clever part, i then lay 'bet against' Guingamp to win on a betting exchange which in total cost me £12, but due to the odds on both bets what every the result i would stand to loss only 50p of my money but gain £20 back in free bets. I then took £20 in free bets and did the above again using the bookies money, i profited £13.97. Today i am 10 days in and up £100! however a friend of money has already reached £1400 in 4 weeks! Now there are hundreds of offers around the net for new sign-ups to bookies etc where you can make this easy money. Its fully Legal and tax free as betting is seen as tax free income. Now you could either do this all on your own and trawl the web for all the offers for new or existing customers or join the site below where the mods and community (over 20,000 strong) find these offers and share them with you, and ensure they work. The site also holds your hand with every offer, showing you videos and step, by step how you can make this work. Watch this video: sign up (FOR FREE) and try the two offers yourself - even if you do nothing else you can make around £40 profit! Then if you want to make more you can either go on your own of pay to use this sites services and community (which i advise). http://www.profitaccumulator.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=4660 Read this review on the site. http://www.matchedbettingbasics.com/profit-accumulator-review/ NOTE - I'm not trying to promote gambling, neither is the site. Gambling is bad for you. Matched betting means no risk because you're betting both ways! You'll always make a profit.
  10. Beyond Two Souls

    Dont listen to Jobabob! It is a good game (i Like Quantic Dream games) If you like Beyond two souls i highly recommend playing heavy rain which is game developed before Beyond and imho has a better story They are also developing a game called Detroit: Become Human whos lead role is a Android called Kara, Kara was featured in an amazing tech demo back in 2012 and it blew me away then so chuffed to see she is getting a game Tech Demo Detroit: Become Human Teaser
  11. epic.FIFTEEN Internet Connection Updates

    Thanks for the update Murray! It really is appreciated! Sorry i won't be at the next lan but i should be at epic.SIXTEEN!
  12. Supergirl

    looks good!
  13. F1 2015 Sweepstake

    I'm down incorrectly on the front page. I have Button https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uPSh5KmTinw#t=983
  14. F1 2015 Sweepstake

    When will draw take place?
  15. Great food on the whole however a couple of small issues. Small breakfast should really include toast, if you go anywhere and have a cooked breakfast it will always include toast. Paying £1 for toast is not on. This just forces you just to buy the large breakfast which is the same price as the small with toast.... Had the Chilli one night with rice and it was great except for some of the rice which had been sat in the food warmer for far too long and was dry.