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  1. How many laps and what rules are planned?
  2. epic.NINE - F1 2011 Fun Tournament

    Red shells you say?
  3. If you play TF2 and you see Dunceantix, drop a mini sentry near him. He LOVES mini-sentries.
  4. epic.THURSDAY 21/6/12 - F1 2011

    I added everyone who was there to my friends list. In case I'm not there to throw invites out, set a limit on the level people can join, say 20? No one from our group was about that.
  5. epic.THURSDAY 21/6/12 - F1 2011

  6. There are 2 things wrong with this.
  7. Gaming for Charity

    http://www.gamingforothers.com/ Some of my friends at codemasters are doing a runthrough of mario games, feed kicks off at 11am tomorrow and the more donations they get, the longer they have to play for! It's for a good cause and there will probably be some pitfall-related raging live on the web.
  8. We need to make use of the Replay feature to increase footfall on the server! Here are a few I put together, feel free to add your own kills/fails/wtfs here... as long as they were recorded on epic.tuesdays!
  9. F1 predictions

  10. F1 2012 Sweepstake - Now Drawn

    Since neither HRT driver started the race... does that still count as a DNF for them?
  11. Raspberry Pi

    I got my order through today. Expected delivery - 14th May LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  12. The final number?

    My guess is get_current_count()
  13. epic.Thursday 26th January

    But... where are the loltrains?