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  1. Lets deal with this (kettering's food an drink)

    This. Also +1 for decent curry
  2. Lan game ideas

    Hockey and Tron, usually found on the LAN share at the event
  3. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Just wondering what you mean by purchased items?
  4. Big Games

    COD 4: Star Wars Prophunt
  5. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    @Winbar: Thats a fair point
  6. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    Prophunt and TF2 tennis(with the flamethrowers)
  7. epic.NINE - Big Games/Fun Tournaments

    HLTD competition for definate And CSS prop hunt needs to be done
  8. Enough Space?

    ok thx for replies i will get an end row seat and put the watercooling unit on the floor next to it, hopefully no one will kick it
  9. Enough Space?

    hi i am coming to epic 6 and im bringing my desktop. Its custom built witha xigmatek utgard case(not too big). the only thing is that i have an external watercooling kit i built myslef and the box with rad/pump ect.... is about the same size as my utgard case. Is there enough space for my PC and the cooling system in the space/desk you get provided with???? Thx