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  1. epic23 - Event Defrag

    5 5 back to back is pretty cool thanks !
  2. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Magico here, Manager of Forged Force Gaming Starcraft 2 Team Seen the de-frag for sc2 at the moment, and it it stated that we are dotted around in Portland, firstly thank you for situating us in this room If possible i would like to sit with my team players i manage. Ziroy x2, FazedGG, RazerBlader and Risky. That would be very much appreciated if this could happen. I am not sure who Voltacus even is but he is not part of the Forged Force Gaming Team Kind Regards Magico
  3. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Hey this is Magico Manager of Forged Force Gaming, SC2 team. We would like if possible for all sc2 people to be sat together in the Portland room People such as Ziroyx2 tickets, Fazedgg, Magico, Mythic, aicy wardi, risky If this could happen that would be fantastic. We do not want to be in fairisle with cs:go loudness. Regards Magico
  4. epic21 - Event Defrag

    For us at FoFoG we are sat in portland and players Wok, FishboneD, Buff, Magico, Afelay and Ziroy would like to remain where we are. Other people such as Remlif, Redking, Knuckey and niblet i believe would like to be near us also Thanks Magico Manager of Forged Force Gaming
  5. epic.20 - Fair Isle De-frag

  6. FAO SC2 players for epic.20

    Clan Forged Force Gaming SC2 Team! FoFoG Magico FoFoG Azures FoFoG Afelay FoFoG Ziroy FoFoG Gamerrichy
  7. Epic Lan 17 Feedback

    Name is Magico and manager of the sc2 team Forged Force Gaming who play Starcraft2. We thoroughly enjoyed epic17 Starcraft2 event, the games all ran smoothly and we were always ahead of schedule. Feedback as in Admin work, Flakes did an excellent job helping to run SC2 and do CS:GO at the same time, feedback from our team is that we would love to have him as Admin at Epic18, plus with the seedings for next LAN, Flakes, Magico and Wardi should collaborate together to get the fairest possible seedings. Casters for sc2 should be in another room away from players, so no incidences could occur for next lan, Trigonal with help from players put on an amazing cast and a big thankyou to Wardiii for helping the sc2 streams with his channel and getting viewers for sc2 at a peak of 178 i believe. Personal feedback is that CS:GO teams shouting was worse this LAN compared to others, plus SC2 players being placed near them was disappointing. With seating plan, the SC2 players put their names down together specifically in that row and when we were moved, it was disappointing. An idea i though of is to have the cs:go 5 man teams back to back on one side of the event across one side to place them all near each other rather than spread out in 5's around the event. Food in mornings was great, chips were not very nice at all lunch times, not cooked and hard and sometimes cold. Service seemed slow and methodical and not friendly to customers, no conversation to the customer just, "how can i help" and that will be £**.**" All in all loved the event and will be back at epic18