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  1. Huge Holiday Inn Discount for epic25

    Thanks for the rates Holiday Inn, and Winbar for posting about it, I have just booked. As a note for anyone booking when you enter the dates you need to enter the discount code under group code at the bottom before proceeding to the next steps, this will bring up the correct pricing.
  2. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Breakfast was on point this morning, Sausages were piping hot, eggs fully cooked, couldn't fault it. Thank you very much.
  3. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Breaking down the breakfast, Good Bacon: Not dry despite being in a VAT, was cooked and had a nice flavor Beans: Good portion very hot Mushrooms: again very hot and nice portion Egg: Nice came out fresh, did have some bits where the white wasn't cooked well enough and was still see through gloop. Toast: Good color nice and fresh Condiments: well stocked Bad: Hash Browns: Luke warm edging on cold. Would be better with less in the VAT and cooked more often fresh Sausages: I had 2 sausages one was the last from the VAT, and one fresh from a new tray, both were luke warm, really put a downer on the good points on the meal. The texture and taste on the sausage was nice, I would just like it piping hot. The staff were lovely and I appreciate all the hard work you put in to giving us an overall good breakfast. it would be great to see an improvement on the bad points over the next few days.
  4. Werewolves

    A big thanks to you Astrolox for running all the games again, was good fun as always
  5. Vaping at our Events

    Very happy with this decision.
  6. SpecialEffect at epic.SEVENTEEN

    It was great to see the work they are doing to help others, the game was very fun to play even if the trees did love my car.
  7. Bar and Catering Feedback

    Honest critism here, I dont know if it was due to the time when I was getting my breakfast around 8:45, but some of the items were quite cold, the beans and the mushrooms and the bacon all seemed to have no heat to them. The egg was fresh and lovely though and as people have mentioned the new sausages were delicious. Hopefully tommorow it will be a bit warmer or it will have to go back to the microwave.
  8. KCC Food Ideas

  9. KCC Food Ideas

    Get rid of the vats and cook fresh....... I dont mind waiting at a table with a spoon with a number on in order to get hot cooked food. On the side of what to cook. Keep it simple as a lot of chefs say. Pasta with mushroom and tomatoe's with side crusty french stick with butter Beef stew, can be made in a large pot and slow cooked for the day to make it nice and tender. Served with rice again cooked fresh, use microwave rice if you have to like uncle bens. Fish and chips, They have cookers cant be hard to create some fresh fish and chips Steak and chips - With side vegetables. Medium rare would take about 5 minutes to cook. Soup - Give us the option of cans of heinz soup served in bowls with bread. Dont take the piss we know the cans are £1 but charge for the bread and the use of bowls ect on top. Hot dogs but use real bratwurst or something rather than cheap dog meat and advertise that and cook fresh in a pan, 10 mins top to make Fresh BBQ setup a BBQ outside and cook meats for us to queue for fresh. Breakfasts again ditch the vats and give us freshly cooked stuff, Otherwise I can just get it from my hotel where its made to order. Or Mcdonalds breakfast. Actually just do runs to mcdonalds for us, much better. Fruit salad, Some cakes from local bakeries, something a little special for desert. I think with a little thought and a good chef you can create some excelent meals in those kitchens.
  10. epic.Fright night - Saturday 24th October

    Yea I would be potentially in depending on dates.
  11. Community L4D2 Versus Tournament

    I am sure I can get a team together, After all I am on your row and a lot of my friends are sitting on the row behind me.
  12. epic.FOURTEEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    So far the breakfasts have been great. And I pork roll I had on the first evening was really really nice. So far all meals for me have been great also a big thanks for letting us use the plates for the Chinese we had. You guys are awesome
  13. epic14 - Technical Update 20/2/15 (17:30)

    Seems much improved today on general browsing, Thanks for all the hard work you have all done. Personally the LAN itself has been running fine and all scheduled fun games have run without a hitch
  14. 2015 Shell F1 Belgian Grand Prix

    Provisionally In
  15. epic.THIRTEEN Bar and Catering Feedback

    Breakfast for the price of which I would get at the Hotel is good, And I had it twice throughout and cold pizza one morning instead. First day the toast was like murray said warmed bread. But second day it was perfect. Also first day the bacon was bad also but again fine on the second day. The only comment I would say and this happened both times, It would of been nice to be asked which Egg I wanted rather than given any old egg. I could of interjected I guess and asked for which one I wanted. But most of the time the staff were very accomadating and very friendly which was great. Also the bar was fantastic as ever.