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  1. As a heads up to this. Following the above comment to book far in advance. As a fellow Sheffielder you can generally get tickets as low as £15 open return swapping in Leicester. A taxi from the station to the venue will also set you back around £5.
  2. Indoor Camping

    Hi Optimus, Indoor sleeping (just to be clear it's the without a tent kind) is first come first serve on space. We also don't mind you kipping around the gaming halls as long as you're not blocking passageways or emergency exits. As a pre-warning if you're blocking an emergency exit prepare to be awaken and asked to move. Sorry but it's for your safety
  3. 3 Days In London

    Would love to try this. Really interesting! I know if i was to do this with others though I'd end up running and end up on a train losing some others. TO THE FINISH LINE!
  4. Epic in house Overwatch funny

    Oh this was brilliant! I remember this game, we all laughed so hard! Need more nights like this!
  5. Tabletop RPGs at epic.Eighteen

    @JoeShow @M0RT we can do. There is time at 2pm on the Friday after NidHogg (Big Screen) in the Gallery. I've also made note in our media schedule to cater for this as it was a blank slot currently. Means we can nicely switch to something between Nidhogg and total war. Would you care to talk about it sometime @M0RT and we can sort something out for the hour?
  6. Blizzard BattleTags

    LZStealth#2617 (OW)
  7. Table for 1 please

    Oddly I actually quite like it. Nice turn of piece and quiet at times, but I do like to eat out quite a bit so maybe it's something you just become accustom to.
  8. The Crystal Maze is (nearly) Open!

    Date dependant. Definitely interested.
  9. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    Done, before anyone thinks i ignore it. Prodding me on TS is always the best way to get someone added.
  10. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    No it's a new one. With only an Iron Farm. You're both whitelisted and it's at 'lzstealth.com'
  11. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    Until Dunce does his Magic. I don't mind letting you jump onto the one i have live.
  12. Bar and Catering Feedback

    Breakfast everyday spot on, please don't change it I've had a coolish hashbrown two days, but for the amount of food that has to be processed I cant complain at all, they were still delicious. For evening and daytime meals the variety was great. I dislike burgers and would normally replace it with a chicken burger myself (personal preference). So the variety was welcome and was constantly tasty. No bad side. Also late night cheesy chips. GLORIOUS! Even if I fed some to Dunce and Haden Also the KCC staff were really welcoming even when not serving food.
  13. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    motion capture
  14. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    cop chase
  15. Eco

    Has anyone tried ECO yet, or have a sever up? Seems very good from the Alpha so far.