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  1. Network backup of popular steam games.

    I actually put a Steam backup of TF2 on the FTP in the incoming folder!
  2. Had the sweet and sour chicken, whilst was really tasty, think the chicken to sauce to rice ratio was a little off, more chicken than sauce, and more rice than I'd usually have for an individual portion lol. But, don't take that away from the fact it was yummy.
  3. I totally forgotten, but is the pre-paid breakfast the big one, or the small one, just curious
  4. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Doesn't even need to be email, just an alert pop up type thing when you login at epiclan.co.uk - I'm sure people visit the website more often than to just book the ticket?
  5. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Heh, good thing I do actually check this... Just imagine turning up without checking/knowing about the changes and realising someone else is in the seat you picked It's actually benefited me, because I'm on the end of the row now Appreciate the heads up...
  6. Been a while....

    Not quite sure how to resize it, but -> https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYSwcGk62LXh34Q/giphy.gif
  7. Been a while....

    Hey Guys, So... It's been quite a few years, but I'm making a return to epic LAN as I've got a friend from my way who wants to go along. Think it was epic.EIGHT when I last went! Looking forward to seeing what's changed, improved etc with the new venue. Also.... would be nice to have a "Pokemon hunt" type thing - Better than doing it alone (Bring on the haters...) See you there o/
  8. epic.EIGHT Pub Quiz - The Outtakes

    Who had access to google
  9. Bicko's Set List

    I missed this *sadface*
  10. Feeling Ill

    No LAN death here
  11. Missing Cone Hat!!

    ooooooooooooooo yay
  12. Missing Cone Hat!!

    Did anybody leave the event with a Cone Hat, that didn't come to the event with one? Mine has gone missing I would appreciate it, if it got returned. Thanks
  13. Sony Ericsson charger anyone?

    Damn you! I thought someone had one then *slaps DCX*
  14. Sony Ericsson charger anyone?

    As the title says... I managed to forget my phone charger >_< So if anyone has one (doubtful) that fits a Sony Ericsson K800i (oldskool... i know) That would be great! Thanks =] Matt.
  15. epic.EIGHT Catering

    Oh noes I'm going to miss breakfast sleeping till 12 booooooooo!