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  1. KritikaL blog

    Quick little plug for myself www.kritikal-gaming.co.uk on the front page theres the first edition of my blog from epic lan 9 if anyone is interested, tried to keep it as real as possible. I'm no journalist nor do i think my grammar is that great, but i'm learning to blog and hopefully if some people can relate to it and give constructive criticism that'd be helpful Thanks for a great event Peace!
  2. epic.NINE - The Good, The Bad, The Nivek

    As always epic lan did good! I come to epic lans for the sole purpose but to win and play in a tournament that can showcase my expertise in the gaming field, and epic lan does that. Tournament structure is (as always) perfect.... group stage into bo3 double elim.. you can't beat that... Not only that we know the 7 mans prior we know we can veto 2 each we know what time the matches are gonna be at (around abouts) and that makes for a happy gamer. What doesn't make for a happy gamer is - playing at 9 am till 2 am waiting 2 hours between games, and having to play 7 games vs the guys who turn up have 11 pints then decide to play their official against the best team in the UK , for a laugh. :DD:DD U guys dodge this... Multiplay doesn't. 1-0 to you. Looking at kettering and the brief chat i had with kami, it seems like the venue sounds like an absolutely awesome place.... My one concern is the stage, we all love playing on the stage but if you're gonna do it please please please do it properly, don't make us play on 75 hz old school tft monitors and please don't make us play cs go on some budget computers that can only get 100 fps.... if you can't get a stage with the best hardware available, then let us use our own stuff... the majority probably have better. Peace
  3. epic.SEVEN Feedback

    If you put them commands on the css servers as a default value rather than me having to change it every time, it would be a lot better for everyone and would make the game a lot more smoother ingame like it is meant to be played on LAN.
  4. css demos

    any idea where i can get them from ? thanks Luke
  5. epic.SEVEN Feedback

    rcon sv_maxrate 1048576 rcon sv_minrate 1048576 Maximum rate in css, and should always be used on lan. On the css servers next time means u don't get the low rate noob warpers + thats what rate should be used on lan. other than that, good event, thnx for the win :DDD xxx