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  1. High Ping on Rocket League

    I had this yesterday - it's because I was being rate limited because Windows was downloading an Insider build at 3GB... Killed Windows update service, rebooted and it was back to normal
  2. Community Content Contributions

    Is there any chance you can give me a folder on the FTP to plop some footage on? I don't have time to edit it @LAN - it'll take too long
  3. open ttd fun tournament?

    PS: I tried to join the server but it seems to require more than one player to start
  4. I can't see the server - has the game updated or something? Not showing up under LAN games Current content BuildID: 1183285
  5. Checking In @ epic.EIGHTEEN

    Is there any chance of setting up indoor sleeping earlier, or is that 4pm? Thanks!
  6. Bar and Catering Feedback

    Had the epic.burger yesterday 19/02 - Was very nice!
  7. New Catering Menu

    Can has cheese on Nachos bar menu?
  8. Bar and Catering Feedback

    Had the spag bol with garlic bread - was very nice!
  9. epic.HUNT feedback

    Pad doesn't agree with me on this one... but I think even for the leading team, there should be a hard cap on how long you don't get a clue for... I.e. even if you are in the lead, you get at least some kind of a clue at 60 minutes max into a particular question... By all means give this hint sooner to teams later on, but it's not fun if you're completely stuck for 60 minutes PS: Really enjoyed it
  10. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Staff have always been good when something ran out - Would you like anything else instead? Tonight's Nachos were awesome - and asked the nice lady for some cheese as well and she said yes! Very happy again!
  11. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Another nice breakfast - this time with butter for my toast and an extra plate!
  12. epic.ELEVEN - The Hunt is on

    Dear Kaneth, there are people still doing it, so please can you refrain from posting clues? You can also ask the guys for help and they'll try to give you hints to push you in the right direction.