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  1. A Refecltion on the last 11 years

    Not as bad as I expected.
  2. New PC Build - Advice Required!

    JoeShow, Hit me up tonight on TS and I'll go thro' a full build with you properly. Not the terse one liner I posted earlier! Any questions or queries you might have as we go along I'm sure I could answer. Mini-ITX master race!
  3. New PC Build - Advice Required!

    Mini ITX core i7 4C/8T 32gb RAM Nvidia 1070/1080 circa 500w PSU Done.
  4. Blizzard BattleTags

    harisma #2992
  5. Speed - Just wish I had more Up

    Soon to be upgraded to 250Mb/s for an extra £0 per month
  6. Shameless Reddit link. Looking for any input the great people of the epic community might have. Can comment on it here or carry the discussion on Reddit. Cheers.
  7. April fools.

    Yeah. But like. Who's going really be mad about it?
  8. Just my two cents; I went into the movie expecting absolutely nothing. I was wrong (partly). I got one laugh, that was when the BB-8 droid did the 'thumbs up lighter'. Everything else just stunk of cash cow. I agree with every negative point that has been made in this thread so I'm not going to re-hash it. The only other positive for me. It was the first full 3D movie that did NOT make me have a migraine and throw up shortly after.
  9. Xbox vs PC a reality

    This experiment was trialed back in 2004 iirc. With Halo2 players on xbox vs those on console. It was shortly there after terminated as PC just raped console players like no tomorrow. I agree for certain games (al la Rocket League) it should be allowed just to increase the active player base. But FPS games are a no no I think.
  10. Done and done! Awesome idea guys, hope all goes well!
  11. World of warships

    I'm more then willing to play with you and another any night I can. I would recommend staying away from the BS though until you have a firmer grasp of map and ship tactics/mechanics. BS are so unforgiving as you've experienced as they can easily be caught off guard without support. In this scenario you simply melt under combined cruiser fire.
  12. Deleting Accounts After Death

    Not really bulletproof. But still kinda cool.
  13. Deleting Accounts After Death

    No word of a lie here; I know a guy in the states. Who has all of his hard drives in a line (10+ ish) with a Glock 17 lined up above them all muzzle pointing down. If he sends a command to the RiPi controlling an actuator for the Glock it empties the entire clip through them all. EDIT: DBAN is to slow for him apparently.
  14. Deleting Accounts After Death

    While this is a crucial thing to get right for all the reasons outlined above. You have to also consider the implication of having ALL login details and information stored in one place for ease of access for your spouse/partner/parents/children etc. If that single point of failure is ever compromised it could make it a lot harder. I personally are currently engaging in gathering all of this information together myself in case something was to happen to me an will be placing it all in a bank security box which will be accessible by next of kin only. This at least offers me that little bit of security that my data is about as safe as can be even while I'm alive yet easy for only the right people to get to should I go.
  15. The Crystal Maze is (nearly) Open!

    +1 - might be interested depending on dates