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  1. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    Trackmania with 400 people at once will be BRUTAL DO IT!!
  2. First

  3. Coatsink Sponsor epic24 Pub Quiz

  4. Skynet

    Do we have anyone who also goes to Skynet Wales also going to EpicLan24?
  5. Breaking the rules

    To be fair, if you buy parts at Maplin you almost deserve to have a faulty machine. If I went in Maplin and asked for XSPC compression fittings for 16/10mm I would expect their eyes to glaze over. Overclockers all the way baby!!!!!!
  6. Breaking the rules

    So it's just over a month till the LAN and i'm going to be breaking the golden rule of LAN prep, which is NEVER open up the case and fudge with the components. Sod's law states that if you so much as reattached a SATA cable your whole machine will develop some huge showstopper either the night before the LAN or on the day, so as to leave no time to fix it. But, my watercooling is way overdue an update and needs the new radiator fitting, as well as new fans and a general spruce up. If it works OK i'll post up some nice pictures, but in the meantime I hope this post serves as an anti-jinx. Fingers crossed!!! ###
  7. Seats

    I am so glad I have a 7 seat Grand C4, even if I give a lift to my wingman I can still carry 2 gaming chairs, big ass towers, all the creature comforts