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  1. Big Game - TF2 @ 2PM Sunday

    Hat Simulator Fortress 2 Can't afford Overwatch? No problem! Come join us Sunday at 2PM for some free-to-play fun! We will be running a server for all to join! Professional skills or actual aim is not required. Keep an ear free for the announcements! Map Rotation koth_sawmill pl_badwater cp_gravelpit pl_goldrush cp_dustbowl ctf_2fort
  2. Fun Tournament - Overwatch 1V1

    Epic.Lan 20 announces the launch of our highly popular 1v1 tournament, held on Saturday, January 18th. We have decided to include a best-of-three format for the grand final of the tournament, otherwise duelists will face each other in a first to 5, one versus one format on Ecopoint: Antarctica. Hero choice will be completely randomized, with both players assuming the same character. Prizes are several cases from our lovely sponsors: Be Quiet! Signup Link: http://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/overwatch-ft Below you will find the scheduling for the event Thursday, January 16th 19:00 - Registration Opens Friday, January 17th 19:00 - Registration Closes Saturday, January 18th 12:30 - Tournament check-in 13:00 - Tournament start Matches will be played throughout the day until a victor is determined. If in need of support whether basic or admin, feel free to send a message to Blossy on Discord or flag him down at the Event.
  3. Come join us at Friday 3pm to either enact your power fantasies or try to break out of a Gmod prison! You can connect to us without any client side modification on the following IP Address: XXX.XX.XXX But Blossy! What is Gmod Jailbreak? Jailbreak is a game mode for Garry's mod in which guards control, and maintain order amongst the prisoners, and the prisoners listen, or rebel. What do you do as a prisoner? When you play as a prisoner, there are few things you can do. You can escape from the guards, and rebel, or you listen to the guards, and follow orders. It greatly varies on how to escape for each map, so get to know the map before you try to escape! Sometimes when playing as prisoner, you will spawn with a weapon. When you decide to attempt an escape, you will want to get to the armoury, or hide. The armoury is a place that holds all of the guards' weapons, If you decide to follow the warden's orders, then he will almost certainly make you compete to the death with other prisoners in various games to the death. If the warden decides to let more than one of you live, he will most likely make you play a different game, more suit for smaller groups of people. The winner of the games will normally receive a "LR" or Last Request once all rebelling prisoners have died, leaving only the winner remaining. To become "KOS" or "Kill on Sight", you must be doing one or have done one of the following things. -Carried a weapon. -Disobeyed the warden's orders. -Have entered a KOS area. -Punched or dealt damage to a guard. What do you do as a guard? As a guard, you spawn in a room full of weapons known as the armoury, and your job is simple, enforce the warden's orders and/or or maintain order and kill rebelling prisoners. You will be able to kill prisoners if they are classified as "KOS". You can tell a prisoner is "KOS" if another guard calls them out seriously, if you see them holding a weapon, disobeying orders, or going into a "KOS" area. As a guard though, you must also follow the warden's orders. When you are a guard, at the end of every round you can opt in as warden or vote for someone to be warden. What do you do as the warden? As the warden, you are the most important player that round. You get to decide what the prisoners do, and what the guards do to an extent. When you are warden, you can give orders to prisoners. If the prisoners do not follow that order, they can be killed by you or any other guard. Like the guards, you spawn in the armoury. If you are killed during the round, that round becomes a free day. The first thing you should do is round up all of the prisoners in a straight line facing away from you. Make sure you also tell them to "AFK freeze" making sure they don't run away right after they do that. Then you can play some games, until most have been killed. If there is one prisoner left, and they are not a threat, you must give them "LR". If there is more than one, but there are not many, you should do a "LR Competition". If there is only one left in your group, but there are more prisoners rebelling, you must have the rebelling prisoner killed before you can give the winning prisoner "LR"
  4. Welcome to The Ship! You’ve probably read about The Ship or watched one of the many Let’s Play videos on YouTube, so it’s likely you’ll kind of know what the game is all about. In a nutshell – The Ship is an online multiplayer game for PC. You are assigned a target (your quarry) and someone else is hunting you. You’re awarded points (cash) for killing your quarry (with different scores awarded for different weapon types). The person with the highest score wins the match. When? Friday @ 11am What do I do? See below! Introduction It’s the 1920s, and you and several other passengers have been invited onto a ship by the mysterious Mr. X. and must now participate in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Awarded in cash when you kill your fellow contestants, you must kill the quarry selected for you by Mr. X before your own hunter gets a chance to kill you. The winner is the player who survives the required number of rounds with the most cash for kills. Game Overview The Ship is a PC-only, first-person, multiplayer game. It’s primarily played against other human players on a local area network (LAN) or online, but can also be played in a single-player (or several-player) arcade mode versus AI ‘bots’. There is also a stand-alone, single-player story version of the game. In the purest form of the game—Hunt— the aim is to be the player with the most money in their bank account at the end of the match. The rules are simple: taking on the role of a Hunter, each of you is given the name and image of a Quarry—one of the other contestants –– whom you must hunt down and kill with any weapon you can find. As well as having someone to hunt, you will have another player hunting you—so keep looking over your shoulder if you want to stay alive. If you find yourself being followed, lose your Hunter in the corridors and rooms of the ship, or use the security guards and cameras to protect yourself. Alternatively, lure your Hunter into a quiet corner and kill them before they kill you—attack is often the best form of defence. To find your Quarry, try talking to people or examining them to find out their names (focus your firing reticule on a player and press your Left Mouse Button when the ‘Talk’ or ‘Examine’ icons appear). Once you’ve found your Quarry, follow them stealthily or lure them into a location where you can murder them. Mr X will periodically give you the last-known location of your Quarry. This will appear as a name on your HUD and is also marked as a location on your Deckplan (press ‘P’). If your Quarry is arrested or taken to the sickbay, you will be instantly notified. If you were wondering, you can’t simply kill everyone on the off-chance they are your Hunter or Quarry—Mr. X takes a dim view of such behaviour and will fine you for random acts of murder. Some server settings mean you can also be kicked from the game by killing too many innocents and must wait out a period of time before you can reconnect and play again on that server. Environments The game is set on a number of luxury cruise liners. There are 10 multiplayer maps with different layouts, allowing for differing numbers of players and faster or slower-paced games. Cabins When you first arrive on board The Ship, you will most often find yourself in a cabin. All cabins have somewhere to sleep, and most have bathroom facilities. But importantly, all have various containers such as wardrobes and drawers where you can find a change of clothes to confuse your Hunter/Quarry and a range of weapons you can use to kill them. I am a nerd who must read up on 1337 strats! Ask and you shall receive!