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  1. AGREED I played nothing but board games at Epic.TEN, and I felt EPIC!
  2. In for a nice dark ale, that one at Ten was gorgeous!
  3. To add, one of the best LANs I ever went to was one where e organiser forgot to order the adsl!
  4. Might want to update the dates in the forum description
  5. As long as no one filmed the final I'll be fine!
  6. Oh shit...
  7. I coughed, but it was worth it!
  8. I just don't want the americans to think we like hot beer
  9. Ah crap, we're not even there yet and the beer's hot
  10. Told my housemate to remind me to take it In the meantime I'll think up some Thud drinking game rules.....
  11. Someone remember to enter the numbers so the event doesn't blow up
  12. Oh yea, I've got Thud if anyone wants to play that.
  13. niiiiice
  14. Time off granted, booya!
  15. Get people drunk enough and I'm sure you'd get some takers