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  2. Proably will Go with a Large for Me, Will Defo be looking into the hoodie once released
  3. Debating what to put under Davemarr. When would payment be needed by?
  4. Still one of the Best FPS games . Gimme that Lightning gun
  5. The skill level varies much with some friends turning up to play together in the event to full Org teams. Most of the Top UKCSGO teams do attend this event though
  6. The Good Ricky & Amy, Bar Staff Brilliant as usual The DJ Sets in Lakeside - Pure Banter and just fun overall and should remain down there for the future in the CASUAL hall Fun Tourneys were much better ran and overall good. Meeting alot of new Faces and of course streaming again with close friends. PUB QUIZ - Vibes were really good and fun Music throughout the weekend was good and like the new voting system. Smashing @Haden @LZStealth and @Nifty at Beer Pong With @TankGirl The Bad Smell of the Sleeping Rooms - Needed a gas mask i think saturday night CSGO players screaming let's go after every kill does get a bit repetitive Sucking at Boat Race ( BUT @JoeShow spilling half his drink down him really count?) The Ugly Seating Plan sort of disappointed me. Most of my friends were downstairs and we was put next to 3-4 CS teams. Now we did request to gump to keep us there at the time however, I feel if one person buys multiple vouchers they're needs to be a time frame in order for them to use otherwise the seat should be opened back up. In this case they're was 6-7 free seats in Lakeside that could of been used for others. Hopefully something will be changed for Epic 21
  7. Hey Guys and Girls, Many thanks to the Epic Lan team for a Wonderful 1 vs 1 Tourney regarding the OW I came second place and won a Silent Base 800 Orange, ( ON display in the gallery) Now i'm really happy i won this case however i am looking to sell it this weekend and give half the profit to Special effects The case currently costs £130 Pound on Scan but i'm looking for £100. If you are intrested in buying it this weekend. Speak to me on Discord or usually around the gallery area. #DFM
  8. Booked First one was great can't wait for more
  9. The Best Worms Caster <3