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  1. 9/12/14 Games Night - Cards Against Humanity

    Have come to the conclusion that I am still a horrible person. Mission complete. Great game everyone, thanks
  2. Video Games Live

    Can't believe this has come around so quickly! We're all heading in around Saturday lunchtime but we're doing other stuff in London, so we will hopefully see you all on Sunday
  3. Video Games Live

    FiRe, Vertigo, myself and a +1 (because it's a surprise for someone) are going to London. We've already booked our seats in Block 8 (upstairs). So we'll see you there!
  4. New Mid-Week Mayhem

    It was great fun, really enjoyed it. Staff team stood no chance
  5. Alton Towers 2013?

    Did someone say Alton Towers? Yep, count me in!
  6. epic.LAN Moves to a New Home

    Wow, had to log on to express my feelings about the move to Kettering. I have to say, I think this is a great idea and I can't wait for the change. I might just have to start attending again
  7. Very useful website, nice! I also remember this... http://www.comparethelanparty.com/ ;D *looks at Murray*
  8. epic.Zombie day

    Best person to speak to about this is Goten or Riot. The shopping mall (Friars Walk) is where we live (Reading). Last I heard this was sold out long ago so I'm surprised this has been advertised. If I have more info I'll update you. £120 seems a bit pricey. Isn't usually this expensive whenever things go on in the mall.
  9. Breaking Benjamin - New or Old?

    *resurrecting thread slightly* I don't mind either to be honest. I think I'll stick with the original version
  10. Fright Night - Thorpe Park

    Oops, only just seen this. Not sure if any is good now tbh
  11. Alton Towers 2011

    Thanks Joe, I knew you'd post that pic
  12. Alton Towers 2011

    Afraid I didn't. Still looking at the moment - faired ok doing 50mph this morning... A big massive thank you for a fantastic weekend, it was amazing. Apart from my car/tyre/wheel. Very much worth it regardless! So many memories over the weekend... here's just a few: - Getting eaten by my air bed (think Joe took a pic) - Falling off my air bed in the mornings - Team America (and my giggling during the sex scene) - Trying to pose my life away on all rides, with FiRe's hand/arm/other body part getting in the way of my face - The photo from Rita. My face was amazing. - Fall Out Boy - Nyan cat scarf/nyan cat hat. - Choo choo. But overall, thanks to everyone who helped me (Elsie, his wife and kids, Haden, Goten, FiRe (coping with my sobbing), and Murray for driving back to back sure that we were alright and everyone else who I haven't named - sorry) on Saturday night when the tosser caused some damage to my car. I've been thinking about it and I'd rather the wheel was damaged than the 4 of us in my car. I'm still looking at wheels, I'm on lunch at the moment so I'm sure I'll find something shortly. Or I'll just pimp my ride with some alloys, ha. Much love. Oh, and choo choo.
  13. Fright Night - Thorpe Park

    I'm in but 29th clashes with one of my friend's birthdays
  14. Alton Towers 2011

    Interesting... tempting. Very tempting.
  15. Seating Shunt - Lite4

    I'll sit and be quiet, don't you worry