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Due to the shift to social media and the use of the forums dropping dramatically, we have made the decision to close the forums.

The forums are now in READ ONLY mode

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  1. First

  2. Lag

    1. Set your DNS back to auto, epic do specific dns redirects and caching to conserve their limited bandwidth. 2. Take a trip along to the management office (Bede, just off the gallery) and report the issue.
  3. Profile Photos

    Probably a dimension limit. A lot of forums limit avatar size to 100 x 100, I'm not sure what the limit is here. Try scaling your picture down until it uploads. EDIT: You're at the event, why not take a trip down to the management office (Bede) and ask. It's just off the Gallery.
  4. Seating Plan

    If enough people complain epic might stop defragging the social rooms, but I wouldn't count on it. You'll be drowned out by the mass of latecomers who get regrouped with their friends and win out of it.
  5. Lets talk DJ Sets!

    Option 3 - Lake Disclaimer - I'm not attending so any vote I cast should not be counted.
  6. Forums Update

    Does the more powerful hardware mean we can now log in from more than one device at a time now?
  7. I'm looking forward to it!!

    Waitress service by a dress wearing Gunmens was too tempting it seems
  8. New Shop Items

    Wish I was coming now, I wants one of those small (28" x 14") squeaky mats. Maybe one of my minions will grab one for me and I'll square with them later
  9. epic22 - Maps

    Very nicely say "thank you" to the forums, I only wrote the line once.
  10. Menu for Epic 22

    Where did you learn to count? https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic22/attendance
  11. epic22 - Maps

    I have to agree there are times when a 501 error looks better than the epic forums...
  12. epic22 - Maps

    BTW, the forums appear to be bugged. I only wrote the line once and I occasionally get timeouts from the website.
  13. epic22 - Maps

    Song X was murdered by Joeshow in Lakeside with the Guitar controller... Song X was murdered by Joeshow in Lakeside with the Guitar controller... Song X was murdered by Joeshow in Lakeside with the Guitar controller...
  14. epic22 - SOLD OUT

    ...and once again the team prove they're a bunch of epic sell outs...