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  1. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    Could you whitelist Jamakara too please?
  2. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    What are the details of your server LZ? is it the same world I've been on of yours before (years ago)?
  3. Minecraft Realms Stuff

    Could you whitelist Peacestrike and goldfishdancer please? Also the IP address
  4. Minecraft hunger games - coverage question

    Looking forward to watching my JoeShow murder from a different angle and betraying goldii at the very end for the win Definitely up for this next lan and will encourage friends and others to participate. #Lanwinner
  5. Epic 12 Bamburgh

    don't trust him he will keep making you change it, I'm paid now
  6. Epic 12 Bamburgh

    Ill bring my Ipad again (still have the lock), I will need someones spotify account or Ill make another trial, I have yet to pay though, I will next friday $$ BD 4 LIFE $$
  7. Queues to sign in

    cool, thank you
  8. Queues to sign in

    At epic.TEN ddanblack and I arrived closer to 5pm and there was a very long queue to sign in, would it be any better arriving to epic.ELEVEN at 4 or would that be worse? Also can anyone provide a dog shock collar for LinkOnline (if yes, can we keep it on him permanently?)
  9. epic.ELEVEN - Final Total

  10. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare free weekend on Steam

    already got it, hope we play it... ill just start practicing now
  11. Board Games

    these are board games, we leave the graphic violence to the Competitive players at epic.EIGHT
  12. Board Games

    I'm bringing: Last Night on Earth Munchkin (w/ Guild expansion) Star Fluxx A Game of Thrones Board Game Pandemic(1st edition) Battlestar Galactica Board Game
  13. Steam Update

    wasn't arguing, this is going to be fun being the only people on steam at lan
  14. Steam Update

    lol yep 110MB update