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  1. Just gunna put this here......

    Very, Very soon
  2. Just gunna put this here......

    ....just putting this here: @elsie
  3. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    Well as I have been MIA for a while...here is my 2 pence worth. GOOD Seeing mostly everyone at LAN. Being seen at LAN. Bar, always good. Breakfast...om nom nom. The staff, always friendly and do an amazing job. 3 - 4 hour DJ set (that was meant to be the DJ off but turned into myself keeping @JoeShow company. Late night DJing with @MoleInHole Blur....needs more lightning. Shop..more choice this time round. Lots more female gamers. Given whats happened and the news it has gotten, more female gamers need to be encouraged. We are all a friendly lot and was really good to see. Internet - Actually having been to past events the internet was far better than i have previously experienced. All respect to @Mintopia and the team that keep it running. Random @Nivek was random. The LAN staff and Bar staffs banter and patience for those of us who over indulged a "little". Board games area being even bigger and better. Bar prices. BAD Thursday - Well you know me and i paid for it on Friday. Thank you to staff and sory to @Beej Toilets - Would you do some of this at home? I wouldn't. For the most part they were ok but some people need to get their aim better. Vegetables - Seems like an odd one but there did seem to be a lack of variety on vegetables or slightly healthier options. DJ Sets - It has been a while since i have been and the DJ sets used to be something that was part of the makeup of the LAN. @Haden and myself worked hard to get these on there and up to around epic.fifteen they were. Would like to see this back on a more prominent slot (as i had planned something epic but went for a 3 - 4 hour unplanned mix instead). Hearing about bagnall...sad times. Not getting enough gaming in...yes it is 4 days but still. Someones alarm in the sleeping room however it was only the first night and to be honest alarms for work just stay on. Didn't happen the second night to my knowledge. No werewolves for me - my own issue but some smaller games would be good. UGLY Me - Thursday through to Friday around lunchtime. Suggestions Not sure if there were any as i didn't see any but was there cereal available or other option other than bacon. Don't get me wrong....bacon is the choice of champions but i aint getting any younger and my waist line aint getting any smaller. DJ Sets - as mentioned earlier. On the whole, loved the weekend. I went a bit overboard on the thursday and both me and my bank balance are paid for it. The staff are always prepared for those that over indulge but shouldn't have to do it as standard practice. That said I am T-Total at twenty...honest. The staff work tirelessly to help and keep things running and was good to see them letting their hair down on the odd occasion. See you at next LAN
  4. Do I Unleash this @ LAN

    Now assuming of course I still do a set @ lan...but even if not...i reckon i should unleash this beast there, what do you think?
  5. OUT NOW! Like It Used To Be

    he he, cheers dude. Might have to spin this at LAN
  6. OUT NOW! Like It Used To Be

    Morning All, Show some love for my new track out now on all major digital stores (beatport and spotify on their way) - Like It Used To Be. Arranged, programmed and composed by myself. Mixed and Produced by the one and only Armandox. This has been in the pipeline for a couple of months and I am proud to get it online stay tuned for release #2 coming in the next few days. https://itun.es/i6hL26b
  7. TOG (Original Mix)

    Hi All, Just finished this one, it developed very quickly whilst waiting for another track to finish production. A little progressive number with some trance undertones, hope you enjoy. As always all comments welcome. Chief
  8. Vaping at our Events

    maybe when I make it to Lan (now I've moved house) I could join you in there for a 5 hour tranceathon mix? I think epic needs a little Superchief back in the mix
  9. Vaping at our Events

    on a technical note, the only reason vaping gets around the smoking indoors law is because the smoking ban specifically covers the ignition of Tabaco based products, which vaping obviously isn't. I vape but even at home it's gotta be outside. I think it's simple, the venue policy says no and you accept it (much like you would any other venue). I do recall asking if it was acceptable inside at the Lan I attended ages ago and was told that you guys were still deciding. I asked everyone around me if they minded at my desk (I was in the clam rooms) and did my thing. At some point during the Lan (because I was polite enough to ask my fellow lanners) they politely said it was a little annoying, so I took it outside and got some much needed sunshine. it's all about considering other people. so long as there is no ban on port, I'm a happy chief.
  10. Morning All, Whilst I am mastering my latest track, i thought i would do a little bootleg.... Chief
  11. Hans Zimmer. LIVE!

    I would be proud of writing a piece of music that makes it into a mainstream TV show as a relatively unknown (at the time although he was in the video killed the radio star video...whether he had input on the track, i don't know)
  12. Hans Zimmer. LIVE!

    I was going to mention the going for gold....everyone has to start somewhere. Amazing guy
  13. Like It Used To Be (Private Preview)

    Hi All, Fancy a sneaky peak at the next track coming from me? I hope to make it to lan soon to get some of my newest tracks in a live mix for you anyway, all comments welcome.
  14. Adagio For Strings (Original Mix)

    It is also now free to download
  15. Adagio For Strings (Original Mix)

    Hi All, So here it is, my version of Adagio For Strings in the original mix. Lots of hard work and listening to it around a million times a day and i feel it is now ready. Hope you all enjoy it and you never know, this might be a free download soon https://soundcloud.com/djsuperchief/adagio-for-strings-original-mix Chief