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  1. Just in case anyone is travelling by train or feel not enough space in car I have 2 other rigs I can gladly bring with me they both have more than enough performance to play anything other than BF1 or something like that. Let me know I do also have like Mouse/keyboard etc i can bring if not see you guys at lan \o/
  2. Just making a thread here to anyone who is entering the Starcraft 2 tournament could you post in here if you are and with your clan name if you are apart of one, if not just with your friends to put them down in your reply, so that we at epic can make sure you are sitting next to your clan/team members at epic.20 before the de frag is done by the 05/02/11 You can get a hold of me for anything else on; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matt.walton.961 Battle.net: Mattscoo#2108 Discord: https://discord.gg/epiclan Many thanks Mattscoo SC2 Admin
  3. You don't need an team/clan just sign up in team tab so their know you want to play in it
  4. Hey all going to the Lan today, as it's a small one and I know from time to time things always (sometimes) go wrong so if any needs like a monitor or another rig (only have 2 more screens and 2 rigs) only right lol but if anyone could do with one let me know so i can put it in the car before coming down If not all good see ya all later \o/
  5. Just thought as I will have space for at least 1 maybe 2 people anyone near me or on the way like/need a lft there and back ofc let me know See ya there Mattscoo
  6. Thanks a bunch
  7. Just reaching out to people at LAN, we Starcraft lot we looking to play Overwatch but no anyone with it (I know lots are/have been playing it) and thought I'll put my battle.net up anyone want to add me defo up for some games later on Mattscoo#2108 Cheers ^^ Mattscoo
  8. Sorry for the late reply just got back out of hospital from an major operation (doing very well so far) Thanks to all has helped me out alot with my project and I will defo bring it to the lan to anyone want to check it out! Thanks again Mattscoo \o/
  9. Hello there Mattscoo here, I am designing an magazine based on LAN parties/events as an whole and have made an survey to help me with my findings. It will only take an few minutes of your time to fill in and I'll really appreciate it. http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/mattwaltonsurvey/ Many Thanks Mattscoo (Matt Walton)
  10. Hey all hows it going? 


    I was just wondering if there's a page about rules about posting as the one i've looked at doesn't say anything? 

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    2. Mattscoo


      Ah I remember you, you bought me that Absinthe shot thanks btw and wicked thanks a lot  hm so how to make this post myself doing it or should i give you guys the link to the survey?

    3. Beej


      Feel free to post it :)

    4. Mattscoo


      Wicked thanks ^^

  11. Gone for it now
  12. I'm ordering from Papa John's as there's an collection deal for any size pizza for £11.99 so anyone want one for it let me know on here or through steam