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  1. epic26 - Venue Updates

    If people are waiting in Boathouse before 4pm, which is also the sleeping area, will you allow people to setup their bed before 4pm or will they need to wait? I imagine it will be harder to enforce waiting...
  2. Spare BenQ Monitor Base?

    Thanks, it's quite a common monitor, I can see loads in this room. Unfortunately I don't think people would appreciate me stealing their base when they go to sleep
  3. Spare BenQ Monitor Base?

    In a spectacular error known throughout Portland, I have forgotten the base to my BenQ XL2411Z. As happy as I am about finding some sort of solution, I thought I'd post here on the very small chance that somehow someone has a spare monitor base. And at least let you guys enjoy my idiocy.
  4. Indoor sleeping... more rooms besides pendeen?

    Am I right in saying the room I have highlighted is the Boat House?
  5. High Ping on Rocket League

    Getting 100+ ping on rocket league, makes it very difficult to play. What's going on?
  6. Hello, Anyone need a third person for the rocket league tourney? I'm Rising Star in most online playlists. Alternatively, if there's 2 other people without a team we could form one!
  7. Steam Download Region?

    Cheers, The Division has almost finished downloading going at 10MB/s! I had been trying to download through uPlay and it was going at like 330KB/s Yeah my DNS is set to auto-detect, that was one of many things I checked when I couldn't see any LAN games - in the end I had to disable my VMWare network adapters.
  8. Steam Download Region?

    Is there a certain Download Region we're supposed to put in Steam if downloading at the LAN? I've got it on Netherlands from a previous LAN, wasn't sure if there was a certain one we needed here.