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  1. Spare BenQ Monitor Base?

    Thanks, it's quite a common monitor, I can see loads in this room. Unfortunately I don't think people would appreciate me stealing their base when they go to sleep
  2. Spare BenQ Monitor Base?

    In a spectacular error known throughout Portland, I have forgotten the base to my BenQ XL2411Z. As happy as I am about finding some sort of solution, I thought I'd post here on the very small chance that somehow someone has a spare monitor base. And at least let you guys enjoy my idiocy.
  3. Indoor sleeping... more rooms besides pendeen?

    Am I right in saying the room I have highlighted is the Boat House?
  4. High Ping on Rocket League

    Getting 100+ ping on rocket league, makes it very difficult to play. What's going on?
  5. Hello, Anyone need a third person for the rocket league tourney? I'm Rising Star in most online playlists. Alternatively, if there's 2 other people without a team we could form one!
  6. Steam Download Region?

    Cheers, The Division has almost finished downloading going at 10MB/s! I had been trying to download through uPlay and it was going at like 330KB/s Yeah my DNS is set to auto-detect, that was one of many things I checked when I couldn't see any LAN games - in the end I had to disable my VMWare network adapters.
  7. Steam Download Region?

    Is there a certain Download Region we're supposed to put in Steam if downloading at the LAN? I've got it on Netherlands from a previous LAN, wasn't sure if there was a certain one we needed here.