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  1. My daughter appears to have left her phone behind. Probably in Lakeside although possbly anywhere. white iPhone 5S any information as to its whereabouts would be appreciated.
  2. NP ... there's a few reasons why I like that row as well, part of the reason why I book early. Open to suggestions
  3. Booked in and ready to roll (even if Dave and Andy beat me to my seats ) All three of us again
  4. I do Not all of us are there for twitch sports
  5. Looks good to me ....... and I appreciate all the hard work you have gone to to please as many people as possible ...... I for one will be buying you a beer/beverage of your choice at the event
  6. I have added a clan tag on two of my seats ...... kind of stuffed up making an account for the third Am I still in A8/9/10?
  7. All three of mine are in my name still so that should still be OK right?
  8. Not at all .... And its a family affair at 19 with Mrs Thur coming along too
  9. Thanks Winbar ..... managed to get the same seats as 18
  10. Already booked myself and ShadowCat in for next year. Thanks for the warm welcome at 18
  11. Plenty of time to practise before Epic 19
  12. Look like nice chairs but I prefer fabric over (faux)leather
  13. Does that apply if your parent / guardian is with you at the event ?
  14. Don't have to link the user to the ticket in any way? .. Both tickets are in my name.