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  1. epic22 - Event Defrag

    The portland arrangement is fine for putting stuff in that space, it is where the purchased items we share out were going to go & the double air beds I've attached a solution to the arrangement We've said that we're just going to buy the whole row in the future like we used to, that way we won't be affected by de-frag issues and make sure we get the row we expect. Sorry for causing any inconvenience
  2. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Yeah I know haha, was just sad, we wanted the back row of the room to use the space in that indented section for putting all our bought stuff & also sleeping potential. We'll just have to put in the isle instead
  3. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Aww we lost our back row seats Will make sure to book the extra 2 tickets next time then I guess lol
  4. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    PRGA is sad now
  5. Vaping at our Events

    Right well that sounds much better based on what you said there thanks Jon The being at desks & getting a cloud in your face is a fair point, it just sounded a lot more general than that was all haha. But yeah was talking to a friend on Skype & can totally appreciate that side of it.
  6. Vaping at our Events

    As has been mentioned in a comment thread on FB with my friend Josho etc, this is shocking and considering the small size of the LAN is a surprising thing to split people up kinda thing. As was validly raised at one point what about the disgusting smell of the sweaty people for example, should we raise a complaint about that & get them banned for it? This is a fair point, but this is an amazingly overkill / heavy handed seeming solution, the various friends I talked to & saw react to this aren't just being dicks, its just rather shocking... I mean its fair play if people are being dicks about it, then those people should be given a talking to, not a blanket rule on it :/ If this is the case & those people are basically being forced outside pretty much, can we at least get something to sit on out front or the downstairs bar maybe should be opened to allow for it?
  7. 2016 epic.LAN Dates

    Hey Jon, Do you have an update on the dates yet? I assume the June dates are set in stone & it won't change back to July? Means some people won't be able to go
  8. KCC Food Ideas

    Yeah, my comment was a bit over reaching in hind sight, but still what I was more meaning to say is that they aren't really going to be as bothered by it as the casual people etc.
  9. Ticket purchase :)

    Also be careful about paying more for the ticket, that is a violation of the TOS to re-sell at a higher price Although I have no idea how it would work if you paid the price for the ticket, then made an anonymous donation to the person
  10. KCC Food Ideas

    I didn't mean their sandwiches, I meant buy the items to make sandwiches yourself Also in terms of the compet hall, people in that hall 99% of the time order food in, speaking from experience of the teams I have had in there, none of them ever are interested in the KCC food haha
  11. KCC Food Ideas

    I'm not sure how much I agree with that personally, unless you mean more like toasties or something? I don't really see it is worth paying for something like that unless they are going to be really quite nice otherwise its easy enough to just make cheap sandwiches from Tesco purchases? Absolutely loving these ideas, especially the BBQ -- would create a social aspect as well, cause chatter etc. Also very much so agree with the fresh point of view, the food would sometimes end up in those vats and get so dried up it the chips might as well have been prunes
  12. Chevy Suburban 2016

    Very nice What is the 0-62 time? 6 days? xD Its a bit bloody large!! Although I like the seat air-con !! I'm glad to hear that you are alright, sucks what happened, its why I always just ignore the amber and go through it without a 2nd thought unless something drastic is up in front for fear of this happening To be honest the damage to the rear there doesn't really look that bad? I know the place I talk to scuffbusters could easily sort that out for cheap, or was there more structural damage? Good luck lan dad!! I hope everyone is alright
  13. loyalty discount

    Sadly I don't think you can, I tried that before and it isn't possible because apparently its for the specific users and they won't change it
  14. epic.FIFTEEN Internet Connection Updates

    Murray, thanks for the write up, awesome to see some transparency on the issue and really has helped to restore my confidence I hope everything you are planning goes well ! I just hope on the new firewall its not bios related offload settings haha Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at LAN, will certainly grab you a few drinks when the opportunity arises! Take care guys!
  15. Hi, The who's going page lists out all the users, but the headings don't allow sorting as expected, https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic14/attendance, on this page the heading for the columns don't perform sorting and just places an arrow class on the columns. Jaddie