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  1. Making this topic behalf of a friend. He wants to know if any of you guys would be intrested in playing in the call of duty tourney if any of you are intrested please add him on xfire or give me a shout on here and I will return the info. xfire: lunar08
  2. Kustom at epic.NINE

    Any chance you can bring me down one of the kensington lock sets for my laptop?
  3. Selling at epic.NINE

    Hello People, I will be in attendance at epic.NINE for the CoD4 tourney and will be bringing along with me some no longer needed perhiperals as I purchased a laptop and some new gear! Qpad MK80 Mechanical keyboard - £65 Tritton HD720 real 5.1 surround sound headset with a spare mic - £50 Creative Sound Blaster External 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound USB soundcard - (used once) - £55 OCZ gold 4gb DDR3 RAM (2x2GB modules) - £15 If you are intrested give me a pm on here or xfire or even steam or even better just come by at epic.NINE and say hello (I dont know my seat number but look for rekzu on the seating plan!) xfire: zyphahmedia steam: rekzu
  4. How many players

    5 players minimum for either!
  5. The final number?

    Its us CoD4 guys! Got a few more to pay up yet also! Going to be a good event!
  6. Added him on xfire yesturday but aint been on will check tonight and see if i can speak to him
  7. As the title says there is alot of intrest from a few of the non UK COD4 players i know but its the matter of getting the gear over here, is there anyone who will be available to bring PC's to the event for non UK players. Obviously they will pay extra and everything just wanted to know if anyone is available to do this Thanks
  8. Im still looking for a lift for this, I will be willing to travel to you if your close enough to peterborough!
  9. thanks for pointing that out!
  10. As stated in the title. need lift from peterborough area can pay petrol and all the good stuff. PC is currently broke but going to be up and running in the next few days. Contact me on xfire or via email. xfire: zyphahmedia email: jason.lawlor@hobartuk.com (work email )