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  1. To be fair myself and my group would like to stay in the seats we chose as they are now in the planned defrag.
  2. Cush, i was asking the same questions when i first went to an epiclan, you soon realise when you are there that this is more of an community event by that i mean its a friendly lan more than a i series lan where they only focus on the games. everyone is friendly and everyone looks out for everyone, dont get me wrong if you visit the competition room it does get pretty intense like you would expect but in a good way. the staff are always on hand, and to be honest even when i went to the sleep hall when my eyes couldnt take any more beer i mean games i had no worries about leaving my pc unattended. cheers and beers Morleyboy
  3. Stu, jagerbombs at the ready
  4. As i have not been to the last couple of events but lucky enough to come to this one do you guys run any player unknown battlegrounds games for fun (not competitive scene)? be interesting if we would be able to fill a server for a fun game? already looking forward to it. Liam
  5. can anyone confirm if the bar has screens for the football please

    1. gitsie


      They don't have TVs in the bar as far as I'm aware, so it won't be shown. 

  6. does the bar have screens for the football?
  7. just throwing these out there, smite, hon, division pvp?
  8. edited, ignore my last post hahahaha
  9. thankyou for the fast response, great information but would you advise to move our seats to the main gaming hall?
  10. Morning all, i am bringing my cousin to Kettering this year and just have a few questions as it has been a long time since i last went to a lan. is it worth bringing duel monitor with space constraints etc..? Are there any programs i should have downloaded before i attend the event...? i am currently sat in the esports area does it matter we are not bringing a 5 man team to compete? is it advisable to bring your own chair as i remember you cant sit for a week after a lan with those hard chairs haha (might have changed)? looking forward to meeting you guys and really looking forward to the weekend. Liam Morley AKA Morleyboy