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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hi there, Pina-Colada would ideally like to be sat back-to-back as we are currently on the live seating plan, but if we have to go along one single row then it is no biggie. Thanks
  2. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Hi MRated, @stephenFry is one of ours, he should have a Pina Colada clan tag!
  3. epic22 - Event Defrag

    No issues for Pina!
  4. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Pina Colada is happy as always
  5. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Pina Colada are happy to go back-to-back if this helps you with the ZPH guys.
  6. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Looks good for Pina Colada
  7. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    +1 on the Email notification, would be much appreciated!
  8. Hotel recommendations

    Thanks for all the replies! We have decided to book into the Premier Inn.
  9. Hotel recommendations

    Hey, looking to attend Epic.Eighteen which will be me and my groups first epic event (previously Insomnia events). We are looking at booking a hotel for the event and wondered if anyone with prior experience has any recommendations for local hotels. Ideally we want to book one that is within walking distance of the venue, a quick scour of gmaps shows Travelodge but as far as I can tell you would have to climb through some bushes to get to it.