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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hi @Gumpster Is there any chance Justinan, Voltacus and Gleepower could be moved to the opposite end of their row? This is so it's easier for them to come round and interact with the rest of the SC2 peeps instead of them being by the wall. Thanks so much lad
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hiya, most of us SC2 peeps are wanting to be kept together as a whole. We would like to be in the bottom left SC2/RL/Casual section (the one facing the stage), preferably closest to that corner of the arena as possible, we wish not to be near the R6 and CSGO areas you see. Here are the relevant people that all want to be in the SC2 area together: FoFoG - Fazedgg, Savage, Wok, Arcair, Phoenix, Emtee, Prospect, Gamerrichy, Magico, Ziroy, Bellator, Aster, Exolightning, Chelch, Fluffy, Iamgrunt, Bilborcado, Weskimo, Floaffy Individuals - Gleepower, Voltacus, Razerblader TSI - Cladorhiza, Mythic, Sugartits, Wardi, Risky, Seb, Figaro, Aicy, Grimmzy If you could keep us all together in our teams and in this order (at least for the teams), but also have us together so we're one big SC2 collective then that'd be great. Thanks so much
  3. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Sorry for the late response. Would like to add that in Portland, FoFoG would like to be all sat together if possible This would be: Wok Savage Fazed Bellator Gamerrichy RazerBlader I've noticed Risky still has the FoFoG tag on, however he's on a different team and usually sits with his mates such as wardi, grimzzy, aicy, figaro, etc. Oh also, just in case they get moved away, any individuals with the 'UKSC2' clan tag are SC2 players who may not have anyone to sit with so if possible to keep them together and as close to the rest of the SC2 people as possible. Thanks so much