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  1. Fantastic news to see Rocket League has been promoted to the eSports lineup! Well deserved with an increase in entered teams each LAN. A rapidly growing community and with a little time it'll be a huge draw for some great players. Looking forward to February already - we'll be bringing at least 1 team and potentially 2 again! iCoN
  2. Hi @Beej, Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep my eyes peeled! iCoN
  3. Hi @Haden and @Winbar, I know we're still very far out until Epic 22 (this wait is agonising!) but I just wanted to check out when the website will update the tournaments page to include a little further info on the fun tournaments - particularly Rocket League? iCoN
  4. I agree! In the last 14 months Rocket League tournaments have awarded $642,000 in prize money over just 21 tournaments. Streaming viewing figures are constantly on the rise and the game was the most downloaded on certain platforms last year - outselling FIFA, Battlefield, Overwatch and Call Of Duty. I'm not suggesting big prize money as I understand this has to come from sponsors but if there was, it would certainly attract top talent and with the UK possessing some of the world's best players, it would mean big, big things for EpicLan. iCoN
  5. Hi @Haden, Yeah figured it might be tough to get an idea of numbers at this early stage! Saw Astro sponsored last year's event with some very generous prizes. Would be good to see it again to attract keen players. iCoN
  6. Hi all, Was very glad to see the number of teams at Epic 21's Rocket League fun tournament. Shame I couldn't attend! I really liked the look of the round robin format to ensure lots of games for all teams. Can't wait for Epic 22 and hoping there is a good turn-out with good competition. Just wanted to collect interest and get a rough idea of those who are planning on entering the event? We are entering 2 separate teams so a bit of rivalry between the ranks! iCoN
  7. Can't wait for the Rocket League