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  1. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    They've always been good on swapping breakfast items around, as long as you're reasonable.......and I would have thought they would do the same with the burgers. Not sure on the chicken, sorry.
  2. General Question on Loyalty points / discounts

    Great, thanks for the reply........and I can confirm it has worked!
  3. Afternoon folks, I've only just realised that I have some discount point on my account (yeah I know, catch up Nokesy......). Can someone confirm is it only the latest code you can use? and not all of them together? I ask because I have 3 codes that have not expired but seem to only have 250 points? (as shown below) Obviously I'd like to use them all and save myself a tenner on my ticket for epic25 Cheers! Nokesy
  4. SpecialEffect @ epic23

    Nice one matey, we're doing the stream from 18:00 Thursday to 18:00 Friday.....I'm gonna be knackered! Awww man, you'll be a life saver! Here's the link to the Facebook event page......
  5. I'm looking forward to it!!

    He's Back!
  6. SpecialEffect @ epic23

    Good news folks, SpecialEffect will be at epic23! However this time we are doing things a little different. As most of you probably know, Gameblast18 is taking part over the same weekend as epic23. So, Bazza from SpecialEffect and myself will be holding a 24hr charity stream from a corner of Lakeside, we'll have SpecialEffect banners set up, so you won't be able to miss us! I plan to drag in others to help and make the stream a bit more interesting, so if you would like to take part in some way please feel free to comment below. Even if you don't want to take part please come along and say hello, god knows we're going to need some support after the first few hours. Of course try and watch some of the stream (while your busy gaming) and also tell others about the stream, we need someone to actually watch! The idea behind all of this is to raise some cash for SpecialEffect, we all know and love the amazing work they do and the epic community have always been great in supporting it. With this in mind I have set up a JustGiving page to make donations easy. You'll seen my name and OMGN (my attempt at a gaming community) all over it but be rest assured it's all for SpecialEffect. Every penny raised goes to them. Here's the link: Gameblast 18 @ epic23. *edit - Just in case you need more info, here's the Facebook Event link I'd like to take a moment to thank the marvelous epicLAN team who have been very supportive in making this happen. I thank all involved for your time and assistance. So please join us at epic23 for laughs, gaming and a spot of charity work! Cheers, Bazza and Nokesy @ SpecialEffect
  7. SpecialEffect @ epic

    Folks, Just to let you know SpecialEffect won't be attending epic22 mainly due to being so busy (which is a good thing!). However I'll be attending the whole event and will bring some goodies along that will go near a collection pot should anyone wish to donate. If anyone has ideas for raising some cash that would be great. Normally one of the nutters @ epic think of someway to put themselves through pain and misery all for a good cause. Cheers and see you all there! Nokesy http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/
  8. Rhubarb Cider

    Does anyone know what make/brewery the rather amazing Rhubarb Cider was? Cheers, Nokesy
  9. SpecialEffect @ epic20

    Just to let you good folks know that Baz and myself will be running the SpecialEffect stand again...... We'll be there all day Friday, please come and say hello and have a go on eye controlled Dirt3, and new for epic20, chin controlled Rocket League. See you there, and remember Game On for Everyone! Nokesy
  10. 8lbs down! Many more to go!

    Good on you matey, I really need to do the same! You may be my inspiration!
  11. Special Effect at epic.EIGHTEEN!

    Cheers Joe, always a pleasure to attend the epic.LAN events. Barry and I were once again so impressed with the friendliness and generosity of epic.LAN goers....... See you all at epic.LAN 19 !