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  1. I've actually migrated away from the tents towards the dorms as I've got old. They had fantastic air conditioning last time. More dorms please. Also, I trust epic.lan people with my clothing bags (although I don't leave valuables as a common sense measure). If I end up tenting again (possible, I have to buy one for glastonbury this year) I don't mind paying if it's fenced off and guarded. At the moment the positioning of the tent area isn't helping (we used to hide them round the corner and this isn't allowed anymore). That said, I am a softie southerner that never really minds paying for things, so we'll see what the others have to say...
  2. epic.THIRTEEN Network and Internet Feedback

    Usually my SSH connection dies nightly. This time... constant all weekend. No idea what you did, but please continue! Browsing/etc has been zippy as well.
  3. epic.THIRTEEN Bar and Catering Feedback

    I had a cooked breakfast, a cheeseburger and pasta and meatballs. Breakfast was great - had a bacon and mushroom bap. Wasn't charged more for mushrooms - wouldn't have minded, but a nice bonus! Love that I can have ketchup and mayo without lots of sachet rubbish. Like that it's with real cutlery and real plates as always. Only minor niggle - every time I went there was no salad, and then a few hours later it magically re-appeared. It's not an afterthought - we really do want the salad please!
  4. epic.THIRTEEN Social Timetable Feedback

    I found the games I wanted to play were a little too early in the morning. Assuming a 10:30 wakeup after werewolves, an hour in the shower and getting dressed (most time spent waiting for a shower and getting dry) meant I'd miss the 11am games. Probably just bad luck on my part. Also, some bugger we made the hunts start at 11am, not quite realising this either... I felt a bit shy to suggest a casual Civ multiplayer in the community calendar, which is my bad really! Will deffo do that next time.
  5. The epic.HUNT Returns

    Also, if you want to join someone else's team, you can do it on the website or come and speak to us in Portland and we can do it for you
  6. Board game cafe in Oxford

    I popped in last Friday, but no pictures, sorry. There's quite a few tables, tasty looking cake and many many games round the wall. £3.50 to stay apparently. I noted a few carcassone add-ons missing (odd considering their name!) but they had pretty much everything else I've heard heard of. Looks good.
  7. Board game cafe in Oxford

    !!! That place is less than 5 minute walk from my work... In fact I passed it today to get some nomz. Yay meet
  8. I felt hungover... but hadn't drunk anything on Sunday. Turned up at work at 9:30, still felt terrible. Actually remembered to go drink a cup of tea, and was fine. Apart from the close to dozing at 3.30pm...
  9. epic.HUNT feedback

    Hello all! Just wanted to say we really loved running the epic.HUNT, and that we're looking to make it better than this time! Some wonderful moments... jobabob after working out the final answer for a particularly perplexing question suffixing his correct answer with "YOU ma, the far cars"Tankgirl finding the page about the artist who recreated the Abbey Road cover in breakfast food itemsFinding out that a team had called their pub quiz team after one of the questions (you know who I'm talking about...)Finding a team stuck on a clue because "they wouldn't make us go outside, would they?"Getting some people thinking about watching Sneakers... Getting a little giggly as *no-one* spelled Dumbledore correctly first time round..."I KNOW it's a red herring, but I just can't stop looking at it!" (I'll let the rest of CFMN fill in some of their stories...) Please let us know what we did right, what we did wrong, what could be tweaked.
  10. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    £1 is about how much toast is in a cafe, to be fair.
  11. epic.ELEVEN - The Hunt is on

    He'll just sit on rolphus anyway...
  12. Onsies

    Wont it be a bit warm for all that?
  13. epic.TEN - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Good: - venue showers - alcohol choice - food was good value for what it was, although we did need a Nandos on the Sunday to reduce the fat % of the weekend. They had sandwiches one day, how did I miss the rest? Bad: - Difficulty locating when board games were starting. As part of a smaller group, I had no idea how to initiate a game - the very low usage of irc... Ugly - Me on Just Dance... and cleavage on the video - Airbed deflating in tent. By 6am on Sunday, I ran back indoors in pyjamas and was too cold to venture back out. - Not noticing that I'd offered the *wrong* TF2 gcf files on the ftp... sorry everyone
  14. Board Games

    In an effort to not to duplicate, I have Super Munchkin, and the Munchkin blender pack (lets you mix different Munckin pack types).