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  1. d20 board game stall, demos and competitions

    Possible to bring a copy of Tales of the Arabian Nights? Would like to get a game going if people are interested!
  2. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    The Good: LAN in general! Fantastic experience as always. RomuLAN! @JoeShow and @naysayerz coming out to say hi was a surprise! Glad you found it entertaining! Pub Quiz! @reech being proper helpful with the Overwatch tournament, very much so appreciated! Showers and majority of the toilets for the ladies were clean, a lot cleaner than last year. Breakfast, even for someone as picky as myself! The Bad: Self mistake of camping, didn't prepare for the cold, lesson learnt for February. Weak AirCon toward the back of Lakeside, but was temporarily fixed by fans pretty quickly, much appreciated! Caes0r assassinated, rest in pieces. The Ugly: Organisation for Overwatch wasn't fantastic, but as I understand it was a last minute event based on people asking for an event. Hopefully this will be better suited for the next event on general consensus.
  3. Looking for a lift from the South West/M4 corridor area! I'm only coming as a spectator so no PC space needed! Will chip in with petrol money and food/drink of choice!