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  1. Le Mans 24

    just having a quick look i dont think it is an option?
  2. Clan Rooms

    the room sizes are 18 & 24 but they may already be gone.

    start the posts il post later
  4. Werewolves - tonight @ midnight!

    thank you to all the werewolves player tonight for a brilliant 4 hours
  5. First

    numro thra
  6. Fun Tournaments at epic26

    yup he WINBARs none
  7. Werewolves - tonight @ midnight!

    round two @12 tonight
  8. Fun Tournaments at epic26

    think you should go back to the Ale till lan?
  9. EPIC board games

    is that what you call your exploding kittens style of play?
  10. EPIC board games

    il bring both my decks reech
  11. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    use andys key :-
  12. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    we could try to defrag by contacting the lakeside groups? i would be willing to help.
  13. Big Games for epic26

    You might end up with happy feet, because there's some other things that we're going to surprise people with. Dance Dance Revalotion There's a chance to play your cards right with a physical card game. Cards Against Humanity Ready for instant challenges? Bring a pencil or two, and be prepared to be called to duty. Pictionary Oh, and possibly some extra physical challenges incoming, and others that might test you a little bit more. Ram Racing or Pig Stacking? 24 20 16 1 25 19 9 5 --CODE REMAINS UN-CRACKED THE NOW. --EPICHUNT --5/16/9/3/8/21/14/20 -- --XTPAYSHE --EHSYAPTX -- --ABCDE --FGH IJ --KLMNO --PQRST --UVWXY --Z -- --XRHIHAJO -- --ABCDEFGH I JKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ --H I JKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFG -- --EAWHFZOL
  14. EPIC board games

    was looking to join in some board games @ epic 26 so was wondering who would suf.. enjoy my presence for an hour or two i can bring a couple of (small) games with mii. (will make sure werewolve cards are avalible for anyone wanting to play
  15. First