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  1. the breakfast was good
  2. could the attendees see sense. This occured last event and there is no reason for this to become a big issue. If the staff need to impose something then it will be the event attendees that will lose out(i,e, yourselves). the sleeping arrangements are more flexable here than at other events i would like that to not change.
  3. Beej i think it was changed to 10 at last event?
  4. too tame needs to be while fire breathing.
  5. see this page:- https://www.epiclan.co.uk/news/epic23-sold-out its the best option.
  6. mintopia has annonced at the event in the past
  7. the best way to have a EPIC LAN
  8. yanic if you want to sit in lakeside i would suggest picking 4 seats in lakeside so you are definelly in lakeside.
  9. today:- kingsway £4.89
  10. what have you parted money with this time? knuckle cracker bundle:- Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal Particle Fleet: Emergence Creeper World Anniversary Edition Creeper World 2 Anniversary Edition Particle Fleet: Emergence - Corporate Bonus £13,43 alice and smith bundle:- The Black Watchmen The Black Watchmen - Original Soundtrack The Black Watchmen - Season 2 The Black Watchmen - Mother Russia Ahnayro The Black Watchmen - Alone in the Dark Web Ahnayro - Original Soundtrack £11,60 single games The Jackbox Party Pack 4 The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (if you dont have jackbox 1&2 buy all 4 as the bundle cheeper) total £50,66
  11. want to mention two things 1)seating defrags will be happening closer to the event so make use of clan tags and contacting the defragger with info for your group/friends. 2)leave walking space in sleeping areas PLEASE.(I dont want to injure my self) this is not about causing arguements.
  12. your never too old for a lan(im 38) i know another that will be there that is 38 as well. games list starts with what games you like there will be a timetable going up closer the time. keep aneye on the forums as well.
  13. good epic staff 7 wonders duels twilight imperium 3 (thanks for bringing it chronowolf) elsie Kameo makng to lan with me astrolox catching out the werewolf players who kept asking the mod if they were playing a certain varient werewolves in genral minecraft hunger games bad my airbed that thought it was a sieve finding the only chest with SFA on the hunger games map my sleep across the weekend very bad what people think are aceptible for a dim lit/dark sleeping area(attendees need to get a grip) ugly dunces fixsation with ant and dec
  14. feel a good place to put this easiest way to stop moaning. Clans :- keep your tags up to date assign a person to deal with defrags keep an eye on social media and e-mails reply quickly with all the info you can be polite to the de-fragger Single Attendees:- make a unique tag keep an eye on social media and e-mails reply quickly with all the info you can be polite to the de-fragger