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  1. good epic staff 7 wonders duels twilight imperium 3 (thanks for bringing it chronowolf) elsie Kameo makng to lan with me astrolox catching out the werewolf players who kept asking the mod if they were playing a certain varient werewolves in genral minecraft hunger games bad my airbed that thought it was a sieve finding the only chest with SFA on the hunger games map my sleep across the weekend very bad what people think are aceptible for a dim lit/dark sleeping area(attendees need to get a grip) ugly dunces fixsation with ant and dec
  2. feel a good place to put this easiest way to stop moaning. Clans :- keep your tags up to date assign a person to deal with defrags keep an eye on social media and e-mails reply quickly with all the info you can be polite to the de-fragger Single Attendees:- make a unique tag keep an eye on social media and e-mails reply quickly with all the info you can be polite to the de-fragger
  3. hope all is fine(tell maz off)thanks for bringing board gaming fun to EPIC22 hope you can make EPIC23 the 7wonders duels touney was ECCELLENT.I am intending of coming down to the cafe at some point have not planned when yet.KEEP ROLLIN,(dice).
  4. 01010100,01101000,01101001,01110010,01100100
  5. I feel i need to mention this before some one gets hurt there is a large suitcase plus other things on what i would count as a walkway in the sleeping area i dont know anyone who could step over this safely i know i cant.
  6. looks good so far
  7. good to see you returning would you be able to get bag o' zombies for the game zombies? if so im wanting one. if you have a copy of joking hazard i will buy it (mmmmmm)
  8. hope you sell out
  9. need elsie to liven-up the pub quiz
  10. can i suggest changing it to "group name"
  11. I would suggest to update clan tags so when the defrag happens you are still beside your friends. remember to say to others that might miss this.
  12. tyrant pleb one here to be slaghtered
  13. THE GOOD,THE BAD,AND GUMPSTER THE GOOD the food beach party D20 the effort from ketting and epic signing up for EPIC 22 THE BAD missing page of D20 visibility in pendeen for getting to bed (I was worried i wold step on a poor sod trying to get to my sleepy bag) trip to train station on sunday(Mii knackared) GUMPSTER Cream pied Bad singing Ice Bucketed Raised money for special effect (will add as i wake up or remember) LEFT-ONE