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  1. LAN Feedback Session! This Saturday @ 14:00

    Tournaments at LAN can easily mean that people are not able to attend such a session. Will there be provision for a feedback session to allow for people who may be affected in this way to engage?
  2. Those of you who know me will probably be well aware that one of my major motivations in attending epic.LAN has become the Hearthstone tournament that takes place over the course of the event. As far as epic.20 goes, I have had some concerns about Hearthstone and its representation at the event. The lack of updates to the tournament page since the event was being organised, and correct me if I am wrong, but the lack of a tournament administrator are major red flags for me from the off. I also watched the Facebook Live broadcast from last night this morning, and it did not fill me with confidence. There are a "Big Five" esports mentioned in the video, and supported by the epic.LAN tournament website. These games being CS:GO, DOTA2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and the new addition of Overwatch. It feels like Hearthstone is held in nowhere near the same regard as the other four titles. CS:GO is spoken about warmly, and quite rightly. It has been wildly sucessful at epic.LAN, as it deserves to be given the passion of those involved in making it a success. DOTA2 has been a mainstay of epic.LAN for some time now, with its ups and downs. The community is incredibly tightknit and it is great that epic.LAN have continued to give them a place to compete, especially given the news in the video about the impending lack of support for DOTA2 at other UK events. Starcraft 2 is a bit of a contraversial one, but again the relationship that epic.LAN has fostered with the community has seen it continue to be successful as a tournament always providing a healthy turnout. Overwatch being the new kid on the block at epic.LAN I have no experience to draw on in terms of how it might fare at the event, but it was promising to hear Winbar talk about working with the community in order to make the tournament and support for it the best it can be. I feel like the key point in the success of these games, and the plan for the success of Overwatch as a new game is very apparent. The relationship with the community for each of these games is integral in their success at epic.LAN, and I do not feel like this is there for Hearthstone. During the Facebook Live broadcast Hearthstone was spoken about for 28 seconds to make the following points: Some people come to epic.LAN to play "properly". The tournament scheduling allows for people knocked out of other tournaments to take part. Lots of casual players "give Hearthstone a go". There is generally a decent number of signups for the Hearthstone tournaments and there is no reason to think that anything other will be the case going forward. There was not a great deal of substance to the discussion. The other games were spoken about from the persepctive of their success, and high points of hosting the respective tournaments, or the hopes going foward for continued success. The points made above are not indicative of a healthy tournament, or community at the event. I do regret that the community is not stronger. From my brief interactions with some there is a fair amount of passion for the game, but the ease of which one can begin playing hearthstone means there is something of a divide in terms of those playing the game from a competitive perspective, and those who are more casual, or just playing for fun. This is obviously something that we as a community need to work to remedy ourselves. The two points I would most like to address is that of the tournament scheduling, and the number of signups seen at events. Simply put the scheduling is abysmal. I am not sure if the tournament has ever started on time since I have been playing at epic.LAN. By starting the tournament on the Saturday there is something in the region of 30 hours for all rounds to be played and a victor determined. Time and again the situation has been that games have been put on hold following commencement, meaning that in order to have all games to at least the consolation final complete ready for Sunday morning players are in game well into the night. This detracts from both the enjoyment of the game, and the ability of the players who have made it to later rounds to compete effectively. This is something that affects me personally more than other players due to my health, and is a source of frustration but regardless of that it is impossible to take seriously a tournament which does not allow those participating a fair chance to compete at their best. There are enough RNG based effects in Hearthstone to leave a player feeling salty about the outcome of a game without adding the potential for misplays due to fatigue into the mix. This leads into the point about players joining Hearthstone from other tournaments which they have been eliminated from, however this also includes fun tournaments. The schedule is not enforced strictly enough. Often players must sign up before they know that they have been eliminated from their main tournament, which causes delays. Players often arrange between themselves to wait for other things to be completed. There is no sense of urgency during the early rounds, and adherance to the round timings is not strictly enforced until the tournament is two hours behind and breaks between matches are an inconvenience. This all impacts more than just Hearthstone (see the origin of The Unit are pro asshat jerkoffs meme). epic.19 was perhaps an extreme example of this but I am confident that I have not yet taken part in a tournament that has run to schedule. Why is the game run only across the Saturday and Sunday to begin with? If the only justification is to allow people to play Hearthstone following their elimination from another tournament I say this is disrespectful to the tournament. Why are those who are at the event for Hearthstone subject to the issues which come as a result of running the tournament in the smallest amount of time possible due to this? Hearthstone is an epic.LAN competitive esports tournament. I do not believe it is right, nor fair to cater to those players who have chosen to compete in other esports tournaments over those who are at the event for Hearthstone primarily. Regarding the player turnout; Hearthstone at epic.Lan sees the number of competitors that it does because of a few people in the tournament with a desire to play more games, and to hit prize triggers convincing other members of the community to join the tournament in order to shore up the numbers. A percentage of competitors do not have any intention of competing when they arrive, but do so as a favour to those who are passionate about this game, in order to keep it relevant at epic.Lan. As far as I see it, if we are able to consistently hit greater prize triggers then there is a greater incentive for additional players to actually come to epic.LAN and compete. With improvements to the tournament player numbers will certainly increase. I am pleased to see 10 players signed up already, and gives me hope that we may even hit the 24 player trigger at epic.20 Outside of this there are a number of additional issues I see with the Hearthstone tournament at epic.Lan. Foremost it is clearly not valued as much as a tournament as other games. The other 1v1 esport hosted at epic, Starcraft 2, begins with more than double the prize pool of Hearthstone. This astounding difference continues all through the prize triggers to the top end, where Hearthstone requires twice as many competitors in order to achieve a prize pool half of that of Starcraft 2. I will not make any assumptions or accusations without knowledge as to why this might be, but it is not encouraging as an indicator of the value of the game which I am passionate about to epic.Lan. The prize distribution is far too top heavy. First place with 8-15 competitors sees £169 value of prizes to the competitor who places first, £45 for second and nothing beyond that. I have spoken about this in the past, and one explanation I was offered was that the £100 prize is somewhat required in order for the first place competitor to feel as though they are winning something worth their time, and that the value of the free tickets and discounts are often overlooked by competitors. I do not feel this is a reasonable justification. Based on discussions at epic.LAN I beleive players would be happier with a greater investment, a wider disribution of prizes amongst competitors, or a combination of the two. If this is not correct I am happy to be told so. The format is not particularly competitive. Hearthstone classically offers two formats for competitive play. Either Last Hero Standing, or Conquest. I fully understand and support the decision to run the epic.LAN tournament in a Conquest format however the lack of class bans makes it more difficult to strategise which heroes and deck archetypes a player wishes to bring to the competition, as suddenly a lineup needs to be incredibly general in order to deal with potentally anything from their opponents. The Shaman dominant meta of the last year makes this a greater issue, especially now where the class has very few weaknesses when run as a certain archetype. Although I will concede that the Conquest format helps a little in dealing with this, it almost means it is required to assume a 1 game disadvantage when your opponent has a Shaman in their class line-up. There is also an easy way to grow the Hearthstone tournament when epic.Lan is ready. Offer world championship points. There is a whole range of players to whom these points are as valuable if not more than the event prizes. From speaking with ddanblack I understand that the only reason epic.Lan is not able to run a sanctioned tournament is due to the tournament system not allowing for the tracking of the battle.net battle tag of competitors. Again if I am misinformed I am happy to be corrected but if this is what is holding the tournament back, why? On the tournament site "my info" page there is a legacy and redundant entry for League of Legends Summoner name. Is this kind of provision not good enough for Blizzard? A number of competitors see the tournament as fine as it is. This stems from their percieved ability to attend the tournament, roll over some "casuals" with minimal effort, and collect prizes. I do not think it is reasonable to say that there are not issues with a tournament that slightly more accomplished players feel operates within a system that they are able to abuse. I am left in a position where I cannot help but wonder if Hearthstone's future with epic.Lan is to be eventually retired to the fun tournament schedule, rather than any issues resolved, and progress made on the tournament offering. I would like to think that epic.LAN has the same aspirations as with its other tournaments to work with the communities for each game to continue to offer the best that they can at their events, so I ask, where is this with Hearthstone. Is it my fault? Have I somehow managed to exclude myself from the community and my frustrations come from a place of ignorance? I really hope so. Then I can fix my own position. If not, how can we work together to make the Hearthstone tournament the best experience it can be?
  3. RPG Game(s) at epic20

    In for Cthulu mythos games. Victorian London gets my vote. New Orleans would be a second choice.
  4. Reech Appreciation thread

    What a man
  5. The paninis were a fantastic addition to the menu, I did enjoy a few over the weekend. The only let down for me was the standard of the breakfast sausage. I was not at the last event so do not know how it compares to the summer, but it seems to be that consistancy of a top quality banger is something yet to be achieved. I remeber the great praise for the clearly high meat content sausage when the event first came to KCC for 10, and the disappointment when this was lowered to an economy banger, and quality improved at a future event. We now seem to be back on the economy option, and it sadly makes an otherwise fantastic breakfast plate a little unappetising for me.
  6. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    Things seem to be sorting themselves out, but this is just a straight up logical fallacy. If the Restaurant has T&Cs that state that your reservation is not bound to a specific table and can be moved at any time then yes, it is definately your responsibility to keep informed. Again it would be nice if you were notified, but when the terms of a service are laid out clearly and you elect to participate in that service you agree to the T&Cs. Not wanting to be informed of T&Cs, or objecting to the enforcment of those T&Cs once you realise you are not happy with their details is just not reasonable, the responsibility is entirely with the consumer who took the desicion to operate from a position of ignorance. Now those offering services can be a dick about how they tell you upon arriving for your lovely meal that your table is not in fact where you had expected it to be, or, as I think Epic have been very effective in doing where people are interested in a mutually beneficial resolution to all parties involved, a sympathetic explanation can be offered along with being open to the discussion of how that service can be improved in the future.
  7. Lakeside Defrag @ epic.NINETEEN

    It is a bit difficult to take the greivances raised in this thread seriously. Everyone is being so selfish about the whole system. There are criticisms being thrown around about the way this is operated, and has operated for as long as I can remember, but then immediately contradicted in the statements made about wanting to be sat within communities. It seems like people are only annoyed about the system only when it means that they are not getting what they want, which honestly is childish. There is so much "People need to be able to sit with their friends" followed immediatley with "but dont you dare change the particular way that I am sat with my friends even slightly to accomadate more people in this endeavour". I mean really. is it too much to ask that people be across a row rather than face to face? The inflexibility of it just nuts. People should be glad Epic dont just allocate seats upon ticket purchase. You can bet that no one would be sat with who they want to be then unless they have both the organisation and funds for one person to buy tickets enmasse and distribute the vouchers (which gets messy once you are trying to organise more than a handful of people). Also, while the notification of changes to your booking would be very nice, how can it reasonably be asserted that it is not the responsibility of the person buying the ticket to monitor and be aware of the status of their booking for an event with comprehensive T&Cs? Ignorance and a sense of entitlement are not excuses, or something that is likely to leverage your point of view on an issue like this. I honestly do not know how Mark is continuing with this so calmly. I think people need to get a little bit of perspective. Thanks SGx for at least making an effort to bring options and discussion, felt much better than the tone of other posts in this this thread.
  8. Cooling solution for i5 2500k?

    Have you done any research into the actual overclocking of the chip? When I bought my 2500k I found reports of reasonably overclocked chips running sufficiently cool of the stock fan. When it was new it was very highly priased for being able to handle the overclocking so well. If it is a temporary solution, with some research and a bit of care you might not have to splash out just yet.
  9. New Forum Update

    Are there plans to provide a "dark theme"? The forum is certainly far too bright for me now.
  10. Tabletop RPGs @epic.SEVENTEEN

    To be fair Mort, the fault with the game last LAN had nothing to do with your ability to run it. I think much fun was had all round, but we were all sadly far too efficient in out choice of route through the world and the way we handled the few encounters that occurred. I am very much looking forward to getting on with something you run, and hope we can continue to enjoy these games with you!
  11. Happy Birthday LZ

    HA! OLD!
  12. So if I were to bring this to LAN on my Surface, would people be interested in playing a bit in the board game area? Want to know if I should get it installed and ready http://www.keeptalkinggame.com/
  13. So I noticed in the Epic.16 tournament rules it is stated that the format for the tournament is "Conquest". A brief description of what this format involves is what follows. Based on conversations with Danny, and previous events I am assuming that this will be the standard format for Epic.Lan Hearthstone for the foreseeable future. My question therefore is thus; Is the explanation provided on the rules page considered to be the definition of the Conquest format in the context of this tournament, or is there an external source which can be regarded as the "official" definition of what a Conquest format entails, such as information on Hearthpwn or Liquipedia, or the format as outlined for use in the Blizzard World Championships? Get on it Danny, kthxbye.
  14. Werewolves @ 16

    Don't worry Oz, you only need to live it once then he doesn't care any more. You are safe now. You are surrounded by people who love you... Just show us on the bunny what happened.